Resources - schematic points to gather

Still not clear to me.

The meaning of the ratio ((-30) 394).
Gathering during só many hours by now - even with my companion to earn more schematic points.
But I seem to miss (again) some insights how to obtain these points.
And do I still need more Steel and Wood? Maybe I used a lot of it for crafting etc.

Think of it like, you’re buying the rights to make this armor, but you still need the materials. The CSP is what you need to buy the schematic with. But you can’t just go ahead and by the best one right away, you have to buy all subsequent ones first.


Just to add onto this, for the other 3 sets of Companion Armour that isnt the Standard Armour, you must buy the Companion Accessories DLC to be able to unlock them.


Thanks both.

Yes, just like the clothes, but in this case it’s useless to ‘go on’, because I’ll will never be able to unlock them.

Aha! I’ll check the DLC.

(got it, as the Eastern W.P)
GZ_DLC available
There should be 7 more, but I only see one.

EDIT: how could one know you first have to buy the DLC?

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