Resurrection Update Idea, Patch Notes

Hi to everyone! This is my update idea based on leaks for Generation Zero including awesome features you will want.

Resurrection Update-Patch Notes

New Features:

-New Soviet Machine(Black Widow)
A terrestrial machine who can spawn Spetsnaz Class Lynxes, launch rockets, realese toxic gas and create a large shock wave.
-New Bycycles(Orange, Yellow and Pink)
-Motocycles(Blue, Red, Green)
-New Regional Revamps(Mountains Region-New locations, Soviet Machines are taking the control over the region and some little changes around the map)
-New Side Missions(2 new missions-Mountains Region)
-New DLC:
Rise of the Resistance(Story Expansion DLC, 10 new Main Missions and 10 New Side Missions, new NPCs, Norra Ön Island which means “The North Island” and a lot of changes)
-Bug Fixes

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Hey man they really don’t like leaks on the forums you should probably delete this.

I’d guess that’s not a leak, but a wish.

No they’re leaks. Tenebris and wired might have videos on them.:wink:

This is for the Feedback sector no?
Besides not needing new bycycles, everything else seems wonderful.

I know, but the hole text is just a summarizing wishlist, including what has been leaked.

Or do you really believe that there will be a new isle as soon?

Yeah I know some of them aren’t leaks but still they really shouldn’t be posting leaks. The dirtbikes and machine are both leaks.

No, they’re not. Neither have been confirmed by the devs so far. @Kaliber is just posting what he wants to see from a future update.

Edit: I’ve edited the title a bit, for clarification.

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Okay sorry guess I’m wrong.