Resurrection Update-Patch Notes (non-official)

New American Machines
-Special Forces
New Side Mission
-Rise of the Resistance: Objectives:
-Go to Marja’s house near Klynthe.
-Search for any clues about where is Marija.
-Pick up the C4 explosives.
-Reach the Muskudden FNIX outpost.
-Place the C4.
-Get out the outpost!
-Wait for the explosion.
Mission Items:
-Marija’s letter to her friend
-Message from Otto
-List of FNIX outposts
-Stash of C4
New Regional Revamps
-Mountains Region Revamps:
-New FNIX Outposts
-New Klynthe Settlement Revamps
-New Locations
New Downloadable Content
-Resistance Equipment Pack
-Resistance Explosive Trap
-Resistance EMP Trap
-Resistance Fire Trap
-Resistance Medical Kit
-Resistance Fire-Wall Grenade
New Bug Fixes

But Marja’s house is in Östervik’s old town suburb. :coffee:

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Okay but what about old bug fixes?

And also, can you please list every bug you want fixed? How else are they suppposed to know what should be fixed?

Also can you post a release date too, thanks.

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Ahh, I forgot about that

What is this topic about, exactly?

I think it’s an idea for a hypothetical update.

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Is that house inside the the main town in the forest region because of it is that place is a dead zone for me at least I can’t even step foot on the outskirts of it without crashing

  1. I think you posted under the wrong topic, I guess.
  2. You really should update your game…

I will when I get my internet back

where is the new Island DLC?
What about fixing low damage weapons like the new magnum and the DLC weak weapons ?
Where is the Stealth Terminator that has a 60% chance from appearing at any given time at a region and pursues the player inside the region borders?

Wait what! there is a terminator machine that will hunt you down oh crap. Question

  1. )Could it be killed?
    2.) What does it look like?
    3.) What are the circumstances for it to appear?

What are you talking about? No.

Oh thank goodness for a second there I was worried

Oh, I got it. That’s no official patch notes, that’s just a wish of the creator of this topic.

Actually it was my wish and at the same time irony for the impossibility for these to ever appear ingame.

Ah, didn’t see to whos post he refered to and just thought it was the starting post.

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