Retrieval of loot in water

It gets pretty annoying when you just spent the last 30 or so minutes fighting that Rival Firebird only for it to die over some deep water, making it impossible to loot. I think a nice feature would be a way to “retrieve” the loot or extend the radius of the Search option of the game detects the machine is under water.


Don’t shoot it when it’s above water.
Get its attention, then lure it away land inwards, and only then kill it.


Sorry for your lose. And welcome to the forum.

I try to lure them away from water. But the machines have been rolling and somehow landing in water for some time.
If they are close enough to land, then jump in and hit the loot key as you are looking at the machine. When you are bounced back to land the loot window opens. Use one of the known methods of boosting your jump to get out from land more.

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I tried luring it but it kept reverting to a defensive position over the water no matter how far I went. It was in the middle of the river at Boo so it wasn’t possible to get to at all.

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I think if a robot dies and falls in the water the loot should spawn onshore for you to grab.

A different game I play does that. Kill a foe, if his body drops some place you can not get, the loot he drops spawns where you can grab it.

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Connor destroyed it.

But a good tip: I once found a Bird on the ground. Was a bit of a shock when it reacted. Thought it was destroyed.

I’ve never seen that, but now I’m curious :thinking: Don’t have to walk the whole coastline I hope. Is the possiblity to loot visible in some way?

Then try finding a wolf or lynx close enough by to attack. The firebird may come to it’s rescue.

The river is not so wide that jumping down to the center isn’t that hard to do, with the right explosive.

You can’t have seen that, since what CorporalArmpitHair said was a suggestion that they wished for the loot to spawn on the shore. :wink:

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Right, there was a misunderstanding there.

As for the other game the Corporal was speaking of, one of them that has some “loot insurance” is “Tom Clancy’s the Division.” In that game, you sometimes encounter enemies who spawn in places where the player can’t reach—a balcony, a higher floor of a building, or behind a chainlink fence, etc. The enemy is supposed to then move into the mission area proper, where the player will be able to reach them…but, some players are built to put out so much damage, so fast, that they can kill the enemies before they get into a reachable spot. When that happens, instead of dropping loot right where they died, their loot gets warped to wherever the player is/was at the moment that the enemy was killed.

Of course, The Division and GZ work quite differently when it comes to loot. GZ, you have to loot the corpse/wreck…the Division, the loot drops right on the ground instead. So, there’d be some extra steps involved to arrange a similar sort of “loot protection.”

Still, it’d be something nice for the devs to look into. A definite quality of life improvement for players. Enemies ending up in the water isn’t the only way they can end up hard to loot, after all. Rooftops, at least, are another perpetrator of highway robbery.