Retro Arcade Games!


I never experienced the 80s but when I think of the 80s, I imagine massive hair pungent of hair spray, nylon, and retro video games. Which gave me an idea that could be a fun little side thing to do in GZ, why not add those stationary arcade machines?

After a tiring day of looting and blasting Bottos :robot:, we humans can stand to a nice generic non copyrighted game of Invaders :space_invader: or Pac-man :ghost:

With these types of games in mind, there could be an actual score record of the players in GZ competing for the highest score against each other just simply for bragging rights and possibly achievements or trophies depending on the platform.

And arcade games aren’t finished without a Crane Machine! :building_construction: Maybe there could be tokens as a lootable item that allow players to interact with the Crane and with that machine the humans could possibly try grabbing unique cosmetic items specific to the Crane Machine only?

Simply a fun idea that could be a nice little addition to the abandoned towns of GZ, what do you all think? :smiley:


Dang, now that’s not even half a bad idea right there.
You walk up to an 80’s machine, kick it, and the game fires up, heading to full screen with a painted wooden border of the game machine.
Love it!!! XD


Yep I like this idea. I grew up in the 80’s and miss the old arcades . Used to be one in every mall. Would be a welcome distraction.


So the downer first… Bots are attracted to noise. These machines tended to be quite noisy.

Copyrights of the games may be an issue and would the team want to risk someone crawling out of the woodwork and sueing.

Dropping in an easter egg where a single arcade machine works and spins up an arcade game emulator for the player but you have to supply your own roms in a location on your PC or on a USB stick etc for consoles may work but would imagine it would be a fairly time consuming thing to implement.

Personally I would prefer them to spend the time on other things like better inventory / storage / pickup system :wink:.


I am willing to slay a Tank if it means for me to play my Arcade! :smiling_imp: Game machines could always be located in Bunkers or Safe house locations.

This is simply a fun non prioritized idea that I would love to see implemented to further solidify the 80s feel. Better inventory management, interface, bug fixes, and item interaction are definitely a priority that we all would like to see detailed first, all I’m saying is once the Devos complete must needed aspects they should add the little things; they go a long way. :ok_hand:


What @SirZeroFocks said.


Sure although this is likely to be a big add, work wise, with a number of potential copyright issues.

Would be for it, I have one based on retro pie on a Orange Pie at home with two arcade sticks.

Maybe teasers with animated gifs of games on the arcade cabinets in game whilst they slowly work on it in the background.


Wish i could see them add a old school 80’s arcade with these ideas and rewards would be cosmetic merch from the games you play in the arcade


How about an arcade game with… GZ? XD
That would be hilarious…


GZ Pac Bot and GZ Bot Vaderz. :shushing_face:


oranges in pie thats disgusting , thats like having cereal for breakfast


They do have a easter egg with something like that but u can’t play it


I fully support this idea.


In the latest dev stream, it was asked if there would be minigames within game (e.g arcade machines). Devs answer is at 00:31:31,



Sounds like an eventual yes to me. :wink:
Of course though, priorities. :+1:


but will there be an in-game forum where our characters can report bugs?


Yes, that would be a good idea!
Ingame computers that have ingame Internet access to the real world, with an ingame browser which has a Bug Report Site linked to…

NAAAAH. jk!!!

Actually, I truly do love that idea, where, when you fill out a bug report, it takes a ‘snapshot’ of your game and what you see and hear, to help the team out in identifying and de-bugging the bug.
One issue, I think, will be, that coding such a bug report system is hard and darn time consuming.
On the BRIGHT side!: Once implemented, it will help the team identifying the issue much sooner, thus shorten the debug time and effort.

Truly good idea, my brother!!!

SPOILER, I guess?

There’s a computer with a 2D version of Generation Zero running in one of the small storage rooms within the FOA complex. It would be neat if that was playable.


i wish i could make one at home and gift it to my brother