Reward Trunk specs

So the reward trunk - I got a couple of questions…

  • Does it have unlimited capacity - so you can use it as extra storage if you don’t remove rewards?
  • And related: Do rewards stay in the trunk forever, or do they expire?

Anybody know this? Thanks :sunglasses:

I thought about the same thing. I tried to add resources to the box, but that did not work. I haven’t seen any information about that, but it could be in lore texts (still need to read all of those). If not, I guess we have to find out ourselves. :sunglasses:

At the start of the new assignments I left some of the rewards in the box (the stuff I don’t really need) and leave them there to see if they ever expire. It’s to soon to say if they do.

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I had the same idea yesterday :grin:
Will see this evening, if it worked.

O, the resource that I left are still in the box. But we have finished all three reward packages. Maybe when we start a new set, the box will be emptied.

The next weekly assignment is here and all the stuff I left in the box is still there. So possibly infinite storage.

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My observations are the same. But if the box has a max, at one point in time the rewards might have no place to go. We will have to see. The observant players will find out they and share their finding they always do. :+1: