Reworking the "Experimental" part of the Klaucke 17

Hello developers, and of course community.

One experimental weapon is not like the others. From the title you already know what the subject matter is - however the why.

Why is the Experimental Perk on the K17 RNG. Why is this a factor, when all the Experimental perks on all other variations of guns - do not have RNG attached to it.

I propose the Experimental Klaucke 17 is re worked, so that after 3 successful kills in a row using it, a guarantee’s an EMP from the first round of the next mag loaded in.

*And please can Zach come back on stream soon.


Because this game runs on RNG. Anything remotely important will be RNG, like the game not crashing.

As for the EXP Klaucke, they either just need to increase the chances or increase the EMP time.

I’ve been trying to get this weapon. Hopefully tonight. Level 4 Rivals don’t drop those special guns for me anymore.

Because a 100% effect would have been too overpowered.

Maybe another option didn’t came to their mind or wasn’t possible / lead to bugs?
There are many values to consider. Did every shot hit the same machine? Did it component- or armor-damage? What if I reload the gun… Does it count from the beginning or continues it?

A chance for the effect is a safe solution.

What if the gun would deal constant shock damage, similar to Shock Ammo (but without the tethers, slightly lowered damage) that has a low chance to EMP? Make it a tad more useful as an offensive weapon.

It’s just a sidearm.
It was introduced when a sidearm was important to have, because you could select just one primary weapon for quick access.

Now it’s different with the wheel… And if you already have every other weapon.

I don’t think it should be made stronger.
It’s already a really good weapon, especially if equipped with 9mm shock ammo.

But weapons always get replaced by better weapons and you can’t just improve every weapon if you don’t use it anymore because you have others.

By writing this I descided to give it a slot of my wheel next time. I loved using it with shock ammo, but uranium was rare. Now it isn’t as rare any more as you get 5 uranium for every levelup and some for almost every succesful base assault/defense.

You see, if conditions change, weapons don’t always have to.

So, it’s gone a bit sideways with loadouts, and other base game content somehow - but Marken has caught the drift here.

If the RNG must play a part, then I think increase the chances is the most obvious and simple fix.

That way it’s fair like the other experimental’s - where you expect the perk as a standard when using it - not a hope.

So yes, in summary dev team, please increase the EMP stun chances on the Experimental Klaucke so the player benefits more from it being the 6c instead of a fancy looking 5c that may do something.


A chance is still a chance and even if it’s 90% you could have bad luck and always pick the 10% without emp-effect…

Aight I don’t think you understand what they are discussing, So let me take it slow for you.

Rn the exp klaucke is by far the worst experimental because it’s basically just a 5c klaucke with an almost useless effect, While all other experimentals have some consistent effects.
I would guess the chance of the emp going off is between 3-5% per bullet, Which makes it almost never go off.
No one said that it should be increased to 90%, because that would make it overpowered since you would be able to just emp stunlock every enemy. We would merely want the chance to be increased slightly, So that it happens more often. (in my opinion they should remove the rng factor and rework the gun completely)

So in conclusion, A higher chance for the emp effect would be nice and would make it more viable, Even if you might get that unlucky time that it wont go off for 3+ mags, it would still happen less and would make the gun better.

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Maybe I just had different experiences with that gun. As I said before, for me it was a tank killer, but I ran out of shock ammo too often and didn’t have as much uranium.

For me the emp-effect happened like at least one shot per magazine. But that’s enough, because I don’t want the gun to be able to disable every machine with just a few shots.

A magazine is faster emptied than the emp-effect persists. So it’s enough.

If I remember correctly, and it has been since exp ammo came out, I was getting a stun every mag. And mag reloads are fairly fast. Fast enough I was able to empty a mag, stun a tank, reload, empty a mag, stun the tank reload, repeat till you destroy all but APOC tanks with just the exp pistol. Once you stun a machine it almost never gets back to full function before you either stun it again or destroy it. And using it in co-op and other players are dumping lead into a stunned machine, all you have to do is keep reloading and keep firing.

Only reason I could see it needing a rework is some are to slow at firing semi auto weapons.

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That sounds like an issue that does not exist. At least for almost all developers. I am not sure what exact work goes behind making another system for a something to activate, but it cannot be hard. Though we have had issues with the game not be able to count to 5 properly, so maybe you are right.

Yup. This statement I literally agree with in the post you responded to.

Yeah it is a fine weapon. Just not very much of an upgrade compared to the 5* Klaucke. Also, of course it really good with shock ammo. Literally everything with shock ammo is the meta of the game.
That is like saying the Kotenok should not have recieved the buff (it did and should have) because it can use shock.

you are the only one arguing this point. It should have been changed before the weapon wheel was an idea in people’s minds.

yeah that is how percentages work. You can theoretically have the worst luck in the history of mankind so you never get an EMP. So this means that we should not increase it at all right? Why make something a 99.9% chance of happening when you could just get really unlucky? I think we should do this with drop rates too.

In summary, a lot of the points you made here are irrelevant and have no bearing on the discussion. This is a trend for a lot of your response to me.


I finally got that weapon last night! Didn’t have very much time to play around with it, though. Will session it when I get home!

The emp just stuns the machines without it doing any damage to them. If the pistol has repeating emp then you would have to change weapons to do any damage. Might as well throw a small emp and then switch guns. The fact that the EMP round is so random give you a chance to continue doing damage and hopefully stun the machine again to continue doing damage.

Even with shock ammo it is not something I would carry due to limited size mag, slow rate of fire, my finger gets tired, and the weight of ammo for the damage it does. being able to put the M46 in place of a pistol, I can carry more fire power for the same amount of weight. If I wanted to stun a machine, I would carry throwable EMPs or use the building emps like I do now.

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I’m sorry. That’s really not my intention.
I just try to find arguments why the weapon is ok as it it and that higher rates of the emp-effect make no sense or make it op.

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