Ricochet Bullets, Possible New EXP Ammo?

It’s pretty simple, if there are ever more exp ammo types added to the game ricochet would be a cool one to add. Now I have two ideas for how this could work.

1.) It’s just a normal ricochet where it bounces off of any surface besides components. It would also be able to bounce back and hit you.

2.) (My fav idea) It could bounce from one robot to the next unless it hits components so it’ll do damage to armor when it hits it but go on to hit any nearby robots, probably bouncing up to 3 times. A cool idea for synergies would be like for the exp pvg if it hit components it’ll still ricochet to the next robot.

This would make sense because of how the pvg can go through things. For the exp kvm every ricochet off of armor would string a web of electricity. And maybe for the Klauckle if it emp’d one robot every other robot it hits after that would be emp’d.

And for the ag4 every robot hit from the ricochet would get fire damage done (but I don’t think this would be a synergy). Pls feel free to reply with your own exp ideas, if one particularly intrigues me I’ll make a topic about it with my own idea of it. :smiley:

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The first one seems pretty good, very good if you can lure a poor hunter into a building and then go wild with it.

The second one isn’t in game as an ammo, but it’s applied to the Experimental KVM 59 as a chain lightning effect and is already rather good, the shock ammo will help with it’s chain effect.

First one I like
Second one is already ingame in the form of a KVM.

Yeah, I was tired when I wrote this, now that I think about it, everything close to it would already be getting shocked.