Rifle scopes - where?

Hi all,

I’m on the hunt for sniper scopes. Atm I have the 16x zoom version, but am looking to “downgrade” to maybe 8x or so. It’s been a long time since I got a sniper scope to drop, so I was wondering if anyone have any suggestions as for a good place to look, or is this completly random?

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Edit: I think I misread. Sniper scopes do pop up from harvester or tank drops, and the crates, but they’re quite rare. Allegedly bunkers are good places to look.

They are basically everywhere, though not that common. There is a quest in the south coast region, rather eastern there, ending on a hill where some ruins are… I seem to remember that might help.

Check the large green crates in Military Bases, especially up north. I’ve found them to be more common there, especially purple quality ones.

Depending on how far you are in the game, the weapon storage cubes (the ones you need to unlock) down in the more advanced bunkers (Forest, North Coast) had 2 weapons with purple scopes for me, iirc.

EDIT: I just found a gold 4-8x in a car. Just look around, apparently.

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8-16x scope fits only to .50 cal, both regular and experimental one. Only downgrade scope wise is 6-12x since .50 cal can not take 4-8x scope. Or you can remove the scope completely and use the iron sights.

As far as where to find one, look into Mountains, Marshlands and North Coast regions. And if you have DLC, Alpine Unrest also has some 6-12x scopes in random loot boxes.