Right now it's Generation Garbage


Please someone tell me it’s not just me when it comes to this ps4 title being trash.


I still think this game is a diamond in the rough and after a few major updates everyone hating on the game will turn completely around! That might just be my own optimism though for sure :sweat_smile:
But i think things like the dev teams game plan of focusing solely on community feedback is a geniunely refreshing approach to game development that most indie titles fail to fulfill. Being the unique situation of Avalanche and this development team i feel like my optimism is well placed. :slight_smile:
I feel like the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is very fitting for GenZero right now, and i’m sure a lot of the people that play and enjoy this game can agree with me on that.


Im on PS4 the further i get the more i like it.A litlle slow at times but never out of action for long.You just gotta addapt to play like every other game youve played just how ive done it.


The game definitely has its issues. Some are frustrating, that’s for sure. But overall, it’s pretty good and a lot of fun - assuming you like this kind of play style.

My only real gripe with the game is that it was released as “final” when really it should have been released in its current form as early access. This game is definitely not polished enough and too full of bugs to be considered final, even with the 2 major patches we’ve had so far.


From what I have read here most of the probs seem to be console based in pc and I can’t really say had the amount of probs console users have talked about yeah get the odd floating rock ,rubbish bin sat on car (which I find hilarious)haven’t had any real issues


Okay forum i think while we All wait on a Bug fix from the busy Dev’s , here’s a link that might brighten a buggy day - Maybe ? :smiley: ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy8kmNEo1i8)

While We All Wait for Bug Fix's

I was laying Waste to the Robots ’ while playing this tune :rofl: it’s not 80’s , but it had to be done

While We All Wait for Bug Fix's

I am really trying to like this game, but every time I try and spend some quality time with it, I get kicked in the nuts. I have tried every suggestion on the internet to get this game to stop kicking me out every 5 minutes, but nothing seems to work. I have 80 plus games in my Steam Library and this is the only one that gives me grief. I hope the next update solves this issue, because I have spent more time trying to get it working properly than actually playing it.


Hi I used to have a prob with game loading and crashing I solved that by verify integrity of game files in steam.to do that open steam then right click on gen zero game then go properties then open local files then click on verify integrity of game files had a 2.1 GB download after had no probs since .it may work for you too…!!!


Yep, done that and reinstalled it 4 times now, and it makes no difference. 5 to 10 minutes in (if I’m lucky) then kicks me to the desktop.


What are your pc stats


Ps are you running from disc or download I’m running from download as don’t have disc drive


Same issue here @Rezon8. My bro-in-law hosts, and it usually is within 5-10 minutes and I get kicked out from his game. We are going to try and switch and I will host…however it’s EXTREMELY frustrating because we’ve made some good progress on our game! Also have tried the validating files method, and it leads to the same issues. :rage:


The game starts out slow and feels like you’re not doing anything the whole time you’re on the main island you start on. Once you cross the bridge tho you start getting the goods, and dealing with way more harder robots and bigger… game gets very intense very fast. But yes, there are many many bugs which are frustrating and hopefully they will be fixed quickly before everyone loses interest and it’s too late for the devs to save it.