Rival and soviet machine spawns


It appeared to me quite often that I stand (almost) in front of a soviet wolf, wondering whether I just overlooked that machine. For some reason when closing the distance to a soviet wolf, the machine starts to make noise at about less then 100 m distance which is crazy.
This time I was hunting a rival tank in the farmlands. Even at about 270 m distance the tank wasn’t visible. It just appeared when I pressed M to open the map (this took quite a while so it could be observed that the tank appeared). After I closed the map two soviet wolves also were present.
Was the drawing distance of machines reduced or does the spawn mechanic have some flaws?
Now I wonder if I hadn’t looked at the map and continued my walk towards to supposed position of the rival tank whether the wolves and the tank would have appeared.

Steps To Reproduce:
I really don’t know. As I described above that “feeling” I had with a lot of wolves may actually be a symptom for this spawn mechanic flaw. So roaming the northern part of the farmlands might be a trigger option (this time I walked from the safehouse at Hammarnäs in NW farmlands and went straight eastwards).

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Host or Client:
Both == solo

Players in your game:
Only Mathilde.

R5 5600X, 32GB RAM, RTX 3080, Game on PCIe NVMe SSD, Win10 64bit
Drivers and OS up to date; I use Nvidia Studio drivers

This is very likely that issue about the control points issue where machines close to one will render out then back in. Its spread to the Farmlands since it was never fixed in New Dawn.

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The same thing happened to me, but at a much smaller distance. The harvester and its hunters disappeared and reappeared when I was more than 50 meters away. Solo game, xbox one.