Rival destroyed without destroying it

Platform: ps4

So I started a new session today after the latest Resistance crashes yesterday. I had 6 rivals active on Himfjell when I started and a region score about 15000-16000. After a short while I fast travelled and afterwards I got a pop up that said a player destroyed one of the active rivals and the region score was reset to 0.
Only me in the game and I certainly did not destroy it.
Funny things going on with this DLC, at least for me :confused:

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I lost a rival today due to “friendly fire” among robots during a fight. It counted as my kill, luckily the hunter was only lvl 1 so region level drop was low (it was actually very low, dropped only from 19 to 18; or my memory is off and it was from a different region). It even dropped an Exp AG4. :smiley:

I wasn’t even near a mech when it happened and for sure I don’t know where it was “killed”…but not a big deal to me anyway…maybe this island isn’t big enough for 6 rivals, internal justice amongst the mechs😉

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Hehe…now it happened again after fast traveling…rivals are for sure not popular on this island :rofl:
Are the devs slowly tuning out the rivals for the next patch I wonder :wink:


:thinking: Hmm… but when I think about it, I’d swear I heard the dying-sound of a tank or harvester from far away while roaming a bit over the new island.

When you mention it, have heard two explosions out here and the last one was quite a bit before the pop up said a rival was destroyed…hmm…could be related actually…

I also had a rival “auto” destroyed in solo (xbox). I wouldn’t mind so but I just want it’s goodies!

Yup, me too but no big deal at all…just kind of funny this one.
Let’s see if they all auto destruct, would be kind of cool actually :grinning:

Planned obsolescence!


That just happened to me. It was a runner. I suspect the disappearing machines bug being the culprit.