Rival Spawn XP table


Does anyone have an XP table value of the machines across tiers that rank rivals?


I think I saw one before. Though it was months ago. I can go start on one. But I think that sometimes you get random amounts. Or like depending om the circumstances. Like if you kill 1 proto dog, then escape the rest, you get a diff amount then just killing one. As winning combat gives more exp then escaping.


Composed that list long ago and here is what i have:

Rival XP for each level:
lvl1 0 XP
lvl2 576 XP
lvl3 1152 XP
lvl4 2304 XP

Note: to get from lvl3 to lvl4, the XP count doesn’t go to zero, where you need to collect 2000+ XP. Instead, required XP gets doubled and lvl3 starts at 1152 XP.

Rival XP gain from machines:

2 XP - tick (proto)
3 XP - tick (military)
4 XP - tick (FINX)
5 XP - tick (apocalypse)
4 XP - seeker (proto)
5 XP - seeker (military)
6 XP - seeker (FINX)
8 XP - runner (proto)
10 XP - runner (military)
20 XP - runner (FINX)
14 XP - runner (apocalypse)
32 XP - hunter (proto)
40 XP - hunter (military)
48 XP - hunter (FNIX)
56 XP - hunter (apocalypse)
64 XP - harv (proto)
80 XP - harv (military)
96 XP - harv (FNIX)
122 XP - harv (apocalypse)*
128 XP - tank (proto)
160 XP - tank (military)
192 XP - tank (FINX)
224 XP - tank (apocalypse)

*Thanks for @AliasDJA for finding that out for me (video below).

Example how the above chart is made:
E.g to level up Rival from lvl1 to lvl2, you need 576 XP for it. You’ll get 576 XP when you kill 10x apo hunters (56 XP each) + 1x mil runner (10 XP) + 1x FNIX seeker (6 XP).


Spot on Aesyle, I knew I’d seen once somewhere here.

I’ve got a couple to go - i’ll get the XP on the Apoc Harvy for you. I am considering putting a little rival 101 guide together from my time in Himfjall. Would it be ok to screen shot the above and use it. ( Usual credits in video apply )


In the past, i’ve given partial list in one or two topics where i’ve talked about it. Here, however, i posted the full list. :blush:

Sure, you can use it. :slightly_smiling_face:

It can be difficult to do, unless you: start combat, kill only apo harv, break combat. Since the XP for rivals is added after combat ends.


I’ve a plan in mind. If it works out ill record it and post it back here.


Good to go


Interesting way to showcase the Apo harv XP value of 122. :smile: Thanks for finding that out. :+1:

Also updated my list above.

Though, i feel that i need to point out one thing for clarification for everyone else:

  • While the 1st loading screen shows my name (@Aesyle) , the previous and following gameplay of that loading screen is not mine.
    For 1st time viewers (and to me as well), it seemed like the gameplay was mine due to my name being in the loading screen. I provided the loading screen animation and at this point, i think my name was erroneously left in. The 2nd loading screen shows the correct name of the whole gameplay owner: @AliasDJA.