Rival timer on map?

I think a timer on the region screen to show when your next rival can spawn would be really helpful, just in case you lose track of time since the last rival spawned.

Rivals and time have nothing in common.

Kill streak and rivals have more in common.

There is just a timer for the reaper, someone once said. Seem to start when the reaper spawns, as I often destroyed the reaper and immediatly got another one… But I don’t destroy them immediatly after they spawn.

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There is a timer for rivals, it’s about two hours. Go to a region and grind machines till a rivals spawn. You can continue to grind for machines, and build the region level up, the new rival will also level up. If you are in major battles and getting a lot of points from them,your region and rival will level up quickly. If your rival reaches level 4 and you continue to get high points for the region then when the timer ends, and a new rival spawn, their level will go up very quicky.

Since the reaper is the boss rival, and region level is 21 or higher, it also spawns on that same timer or it could be just anther rival. At one time you could get repeated reapers, depending on the timer and timer for other regions, you can have repeat reapers from regions that are 21+ and less than 8 rivals and jumping to those regions. Doesn’t happen as often since control points were added.

I’m reasonably sure you are wrong here. I’ve had massive killing sprees in short periods of time (30 minutes or less) back to back and had rivals spawn and level up very quickly.

Here is how I’ve understood the system to work through game play and some reading:

Rivals don’t have timers and are spawned purely off of how much experience you earn. You can maximize your exp per hour by focusing on larger enemies mainly and smaller enemies in larger groups. I mainly focus fire tanks, firebirds and the larger Russian bots (try as I might I can’t seem to keep strait which one is the lynx and which is the wolf, sue me.)

Now there is a single situation where there is a timer involved and that is the reaper. If I recall right, the reapers cannot spawn in the same region for around 20-30 minutes.

This last bit may sound like a direct jab, but it’s not. If it is taking you two hours to get a rival, you need to adjust how you focus your targets. So the way it works is the bigger the bogie, the more experience, and the higher the class too. So a prototype tank will net you more experience than a prototype dog or hunter. And an apocalypse class tank will net you a whole lot more experience than that prototype.

The way I fight is I look for mainly FNIX and apoc class bad guys, but if a prototype or military class gets in my way I’ll drop them too just to help get the area respawned if I know it’s a spawn heavy spot. Now, I’d post on here exactly where I like to hunt, but the last time I openly discussed that, all those areas got nerfed into oblivion, lol.

All that being said, they may have changed things and I didn’t see it, so take all that with a grain of salt, because I’m obviously a guy talking on the internet and not a dev.

Can test which is right.

Destroy a rival when it first spawns, not one that has been in the region for any length of time. Then stay in that same region till the next rival spawns. See how long it takes. I suggest doing it in a region that you know where all the high point machines gather. That way you can see how fast a rival will level up. Also you can see how fast the region level goes up. Some regions will be faster than others on leveling up due to the lack of any large machines, lower points. Those weaker regions can have more rivals that are not at level 4 yet when another rival spawns.

Also you can have a reaper spawn, fight in another region for a few hours and go attack the reaper. If the region has less than 8 rivals in it with the reaper too then you will get another rival, or destroy the reaper fast enough and close enough to the end of the timer to spawn, and you could get another reaper in the same region. Also if your other region timers are close to the end of the cycle you can jump from one region to the next and get reaper spawns in them too, are another rival. Since I only grind for reapers and destroy all rivals as soon as they spawn, this pattern is repeatable to get reapers to spawn. And when the timing is right and I am lucky, can spawn multiple reapers in a few hours. And that includes all these areas that have high machine traffic to keep the region levels 21+.

It is very possible that my information is out dated, it is more than possible that they included something in an update and I missed it. Been very busy over the last couple of months and so have not been able to get in as much time into gaming as I would have liked.

For anyone that has the time to test this, I’d recommend the farmlands, and mainly focusing on four areas that tend to spawn heavy on every lobby I’ve been in. Here’s the four areas I’d recommend to hit fast and hard to put this to the test:

I start at Sandbo Farm in the SW of the farmlands, clear the two fields directly to the south of the Sandbo farmhouse, then move to the two fields to the NW of it. Once that is cleared, I either run to or fast travel to Stora Dyrbo (I am probably misspelling that, it’s the safehouse directly north of the air field) and move directly north and clear all the fields all the way up to Boo Church, from there I fast travel to Lilla Hammarnas and clear all of the fields along the northern border. After the north is cleared, fast travel to the Ostervik Industrial area on the eastern border, clear the fields to the north of that and move towards the river and from there I clear all the fields all the way up to the farmlands bunker. Once that is cleared, I’ll head back to Sandbo and start the spree all over again.

I mainly focus on larger targets, though I will round up large groups of smaller targets and take them down with explosives and rockets.

As far as my kit, I mainly use the exp AG4 with shock rounds, exp KVM59 with shock rounds for mass clearing, RPG for small targets and while running I use a gold HP5 with AP/FMJ rounds to quickly take down smaller, soft, targets. I used to also use the Klauck when the sidearms were relevant (I still find it very unfortunate that the sidearms don’t have a quick switch button to sidearms specifically, I used that feature a lot for small soft targets if I didn’t have the time to reload.)