Rivals all disappeared

So I logged in and all my rivals disappeared and my territory levels appear to have reset or something. The information box in the bottom right with region stats is totally gone in all but the Archipelago Region. The rivals, which I had several throughout the map leveling up, are all gone now as well. But my map areas still appears to be correct regarding areas I’ve discovered and completed, such as location progress. I’m confused as to how most of my information is correct, but the rivals and region information box are both gone/reset.

The only thing I did differently recently was join a low level characters game for a little bit. Which it seems to have stuck me with their rival and region information.

Any help would be appreciated.


Seems to be some greater bug, as there are many similar posts in the last week.
You should add some information about the game version, the system you play on and if you have any dlc.

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