Rivals getting killed by other machines

I think this has been discussed in an other thread, but I can’t find it! If someone knows please let me know where…

But playing today, all of a sudden I get the message Rival “X of whatever” has been killed…

Wait, what, where???

I’m currently not farming rivals so in a way it is kinda cool that Östertörn has a life of its own, but if I was farming and cultivating them it would be annoying that the effort was a little bit wasted.

My guess is that the dead rival will be “in game” somewhere for me to loot, if I can find it, but will be whipped as soon as I quit the game.

Would be cool though if it persisted until found and looted, kinda like machines hurt but not killed can be encountered later an taken down quite easily.

Do we know how this works?

I had a similar situation before landfall.

I just can guess that a rival went into water and got destroyed by it. No chance to find and to loot it.

Yeah, and with the ability for the machines to wonder around and not be tied to one region it would be a guessing game on where the rival was destroyed at.

I think I have read “somewhere” or if it was mentioned on stream, that the devs are aware of this problem, but regardless the results is the same as if other machines destroyed it.

I think that it is cool that the rivals can wonder about and end up in other regions.

Only problem is Himfjäll island! Do they jump across? Swimming is obviously not their strong suit! :wink:

I also like that they can wonder everywhere, I was being a little sarcastic. But after having a wolf turning into a rival, I didn’t destroy anything, and ruining my chance of a reaper. I had a bad day on my map yesterday. Destroying the wolf was easy but it dropped my region from 22 to 20 and no machines to regain the level. It happened in both the Marshlands and Farmlands. Even the Farmlands had no machines. So I left and played something else.

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I think it’s fitting they can die, but they shouldn’t be programmed to not be killed by the Russians.

What the Rivals should have is the ability to call in local reinforcements very quickly.

Bot on bot battles should not affect region XP. If XP is only awarded where a player has interfered with the combat somehow then the bot vs bot rival kills wouldn’t be such an issue.
But I’m not aware that the game registers who or what has dealt damage to a bot so that might need a biggish rework of the combat system.


Can’t say that I understand how it works either…

Yesterday when starting the game again after loosing a rival “randomly” due to some machine on machine fight. As randomly I “gained” an other rival without even having seen a machine.

You win some, you lose some…,

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But when the machines take down a rival and you drop one, two or three levels, gaining a single rival or two does not bring those lost levels back up. Even if bot vs bot does not drop the level of a region adding that #8 rival does. You then have to destroy a #8 rival to have a reaper to spawn. If the region level was at 21 then it will drop below 21 when you destroy that rival.

You then have about 2 hours to grind the region levels back up and hope a reaper spawns instead of another rival after the count down. If it is a day when there are not to many random machine to destroy in the region you are screwed and have to wait a few cycles and hope that you can grind the region enough before a rival spawns again. Those of us that like to prune out all regions of our map to spawn a reaper in any of them are not longer able to do it.

Before the landfall update I could control my map and where rivals spawn on the map, no longer can do that because of all the bot vs bot battles.

Also, take into account when a rival is destroyed by a machine and you do not see it, you lose the loot from that rival. Included that in the past when a player is playing to level up skills and exp points, the player gains points when rivals level up, does the player still level up when it is machine verses machine? If that is the case I could start a new character, hide in a bunker and let the machines fight till I get my character to level 31 and never have to leave the bunker.



I can’t argue with anything that you said! Ever statement you make is true to my knowledge of how the game works.

But… isn’t there a charm to that sometimes things just happen? That you can’t control everything? I think so! I think it adds some uncertainty that makes it more interesting!


Sorry if it came off as complaining, but yes, it does make the game more interesting, and you continue to have to adapt to the changes.


I had just after the latest update that one of my rivals (swedish robot) was killing one of my other rivals (russian rival) Infront of me, so i guess that since they fight the same can happen and they can kill eachother even as rivals