Rivals & Guest on server

So I just wanted other opinions. To me it is kind of an unwritten rule that if you join someone’s server as a guest, you don’t rush to their rivals to kill. Often I have people join, rush to and kill my rivals before they even fully evolve. A bit annoying.

I host a lot of public co-ops. As guests join, I look at their stats, quick greeting, then just watch for their first move as I continue to play. If it is not near me then I check the map and see where they went and what is near it. This would be where I let a new player, that doesn’t know MY rules, know what the two are. Depending on what level guests and what specialist they are, it sets the pace of the game and that first move tells me what they want to do. They come to my location as a squad forms. Try to find a time to pause and state my two rules, all players agree, we continue.

Once the rules are known the normal chit chat on what we will be doing and the game starts flowing. Because players know the two rules, they will ask if they are unsure of the plan of the next attack. Doesn’t take to long for guests to catch on, if you tell them.

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Yeah, I wish we could have a “note: some text here” to display on the multiplayer menu to just list the server rules. Seems like 90% of people just go for rivals.

I don’t organize sessions because of that. I once opened my game and another player destroyed a runner rival, the only one I have see. Never again.

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I would love to see that message system for hosts. " No attacking level 4 rivals and we do attack bases, asap", would be mine.

The runner rival is rare. They are somewhat common on the Island though, very rare on the main part of the map.

Telling guests as they join your map rules of the map is a must if you want to be a good host and protect the map. Don’t assume they know or will stay away from rivals. Don’t be shy about it.
players feel more relaxed when you welcome them, then let them know what they can NOT do. If the host says nothing when a guest joins, it keeps them wondering what they can do. They will most the time head to a cluster of rivals and start attacking.

There are no written rules, you have to express them as guests join. And don’t just kick players without telling them the reason. I farm for reapers, to do so it takes a lot of attacking regular machines. I don’t want any more rivals on my map that have not been there for a few years, so no attacking level 4. All others are fair game. I keep regions at level 21+, so when hunting on them, one of two things will happen. A reaper will spawn, or a machine turns to level 1 rival. Either way, they get attacked. If a base spawns, it gets attacked. Afterwards, we grind that region to get the region level back up, then move to another region for repeating the process.

You can continue getting annoyed at guests doing all the wrong things or communicate with guests and start enjoying fun public co-ops with new guests.

It’s just up to you… Let a runner kill you and he gets a chance for becoming a personal rival. That’s the only way to get them.

There are no regional runner rivals.


So they are not part of the rival count?

Indeed they are.
But a distinction is made between personal and regional rivals.

Regional rivals spawn due to the region score, personal rivals if a machine kills you. Both of course with each just a chance, like there is just a chance for a rival being a reaper.

Rivals can spawn in 2 ways. First, there is a chance for a rival to spawn in a region after you complete a combat encounter if the region’s level is high enough. Second, there is a chance a machine will become a rival if it kills you and the region’s level is high enough.”
Rivals | Generation Zero Wiki | Fandom.

That is pretty much due to the Limited Multiplyer Settings of “Public” and “Invite only”
as outside of being invited.
We only have Public Multiplayer which is “Matchmaking” And with these Settings:

  • Minimum Players: 1-3
  • Prefferred Language: English, German, French, Spanish (Castilian), Russian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese.
  • Difficulty: Adventure, Skirmish, Guerrilla
  • Automatic Difficulty Scaling: On / Off

There is no Server Browsing where Rules could be written in a Description.
Instead You’ll just be Thrown into the First Public World which fits your Language, Difficulty and Minimum Players.

Nor is there any Option to Join a friend as there is no “Friends Only” options
and no option Re-join if You got Disconnected or Your Game Crashed, You’ll need to be re-invited by Them.

You’d Think the Unwritten rule would be like:
Meet up with the Host and generally follow Them around.
Which is why it is an Issue that when You join a Game, that You don’t Spawn-in Near the Host… <.<

and not just go and Destroy the first Rival or the biggest Cluster of Rivals they could find on the map.
and probably leave afterwards…
As that is what I’d expect to happen, if I let Random people whom I didn’t know join… <.<


Let a runner kill you and he gets a chance for becoming a personal rival. That’s the only way to get them.

There are no regional runner rivals.

The only time I’ve seen a Runner Rival (Aside from the one Named “The Virus”)
where when my Friend got Taken down by a Runner with missile Launcher
I think i had Been AFK to get some water? and just got back so see Her get hit by a Rocket
and see the Runner get a Rival Nameplate above it and I just stood there laughing as it noticed and attacked Me while I dodging it’s rockets
Till i managed to get over to Her and Revive and She quickly took it out with Her Shotgun XD

Rivals aren’t “Spawned”, they get Upgraded to Rivals However ^.~
In Case of The Reaper it is always a Tank that gets upgraded.
I think you’ll have to have At least 1 Tank in the zone, in additional to max of 7 Rivals and the zone being level lvl 21+ to get The Reaper.

I’ve had Machines in my visual range getting upgrading to Rivals when quickly taking down a Seeker, Hunter or Runners without being detected


Back when I was joining co-ops more than hosting, I would always ask when I jumped in the map. But you would spawn at different places on the map and it wasn’t like you do now. And everyone hunted rivals, there was no reapers yet, just rumors.

But as host all the issues mentioned in the last few posts I would go through. The way guests spawn now is a big improvement to the way it was. Gives time to figure out if they will stay or not, away from any action. Then simple rules.

On my map we will attack a level 1 rival around level 4 rivals and not attack the level 4s. If it is level 4 APOC harvesters with tank escort, and one of the hunters is a rival, it’s a lot of close combat fighting and dodging rocket salvos and tank fire. As host all players know the game plan, as long as no one crashes out. And it is a blast! When it is all over, I watch the players as we all run out of the reach of the remaining rivals. I pop up the map a few times quickly to make sure all are headed away.

A rival will spawn from region points and when the area timer has passed. How you gain the points doesn’t matter. And region points are based off destroyed machines, and a squad can rack up destroying machines faster than a solo player. You can destroy a tick and get a few points and it can trigger a spawn. Or the points are high enough, you jump into the region and a rival will spawn due to the timer triggered. The bases are the same. And so is the reaper, since it takes the place of a rival spawn.

On my map a rival/reaper will spawn and a few minutes later a base will spawn on the same region. So I lead the squad to rack up points waiting for the base because the region is getting ready to drop a few levels.

The points are counted as you play and so if the timer has ran out and you destroy just a tick a rival could spawn. Losing all you health cashes in your points where you failed combat pops up and you get a few points for showing up, its just points, not how they were gained.

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