Rivals in multiplayer can be a problem

A common trend has been happening ever since the rivals dropped, and I full well anticipated it would happen. The scenario plays out as follows:

  1. Player joins game.
  2. Player teleports to my only rival on map.
  3. Player then accordingly slays my rival.
  4. Player leaves game.
    It’s really rude and it’s happening frequently tbh it’s ruining the online experience. Can’t say I blame people too much when you’re hyped for new gear but still…

I agree this has been a problem since rivals were introduced, people finally managed to find a way to grief other players and it can be pretty rough.
My advice, is when someone random joins your game make it clear either in voice or in chat that you do not want them to fight your rival, and if they ignore it hit them with the kick button. You can monitor where people are on your map, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on it when playing with randoms. There sadly really isn’t too much the devs can do for other players slightly toxic behavior… So it’s just something we as the players need to be aware of :slight_smile:

Strange. This is no game I would play with randoms in the first place.

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don’t you want problems? close the session, invite only. wouldn’t be the most obvious :pensando:

Haven’t seen that happen, fortunately.
It’s kinda sad though, I was kinda hoping we were too small a community for this kinda %$#%$#. :frowning:

Couldn’t this easily be addressed by a tweak though?

Make rivals invulnerable to guests. Invulnerability drops for 3 minutes when rival is damaged by session host.

That way, you could still hunt rivals with a team if that’s your thing, but the leader would have to fire the opening shot.
If the leader doesn’t want to hunt rivals, there will be no rival hunting.

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Is there voice chat in the ps4 edition of generation zero ?

Modern day kids, do anything in games to quickly get what they want. They dont understand or care about if its rude, offensive or anything else. For them its just a game which allows them to do that, and they will. Most important thing is to quickly get the new weapons.
Even these forums suggested kill yourself tactic in game to level rivals.

This is some what generalised, but if you look like Fortnite PvE community. Epic has so far shutdown in game chat and now forums because they lost control to this toxic community in the game. All because players just wanted to trade weapons which wear out in 3-6 mission in that game. It was way more cooler for these players have high level weapons in their stash to brag to friends what they have.

Now day young players dont have patience, they have to have all the new stuff now. There has been studies where this “loot(ing)” behaviour is like drug addiction. It releases same kind of good feelings when you get something, and this is really addictive to young players.

My solution has been co-op with friends only, or trusted players who i know dont ass around in games.


@Ennui that’s a pretty overly complicated tweak to aid people in dealing with griefing when there’s already an option to remove the toxic person from your session. Not that i don’t like the idea, but that would be a lot of wasted dev time on something that kinda is a nonissue, when we have tools to deal with it ourselves. :slight_smile:

And yes there is @Tasos_The_Killer! sometimes you regret it though when playing with randoms :joy:

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I strongly disagree with it being “complicated” (As a concept, anyway. If they have some insanity in their codebase that would make this unduly difficult, I wouldn’t know.) (Which is exactly why I gave it as an example, even though I’m normally extremely cautious about technical solutions for social problems.), but given that it took them weeks and weeks and more weeks to fix other stuff that doesn’t look at all complicated (like saving language preference; display mode of course still isn’t restored consistently), I do agree that expecting even comparatively simple things might not be a realistic outlook. :disappointed_relieved:

That’s fair to disagree. I’ve had some solid talks with the developers of this game and tbh sometimes a fix seems simple enough conceptually but if done incorrectly might have a litany of issues that could have been avoided. plus it’s not up to the devs to fix toxic behavior like this, it’s up to the players to lead by example, we’re an awesome community and just because there are a few bad eggs it doesn’t mean we have to revamp the system, when as i said the solution is pretty simple if you decide to play with rando’s just keep an eye on them. :wink:

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Also this team is awesome dude, they’ve done so much in such a short span of time, it’s also fair to complain, but don’t discredit the work they’ve done! They bust their asses for us :smiley:

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Aye lads and ladies the dev’s may add an option like the vehicle’s on or off , adding a button maybe to switch damage off boss’s on session , or the easy way like others here said , just kick the greedy ones take a glance at the map and give em a warning if they stray close to rival they can hear you even if they not got mic , :laughing:

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If it can be done @Ennui thats not a bad idea , but a lot of code crunch to stop cheeky peeps , will cost the dev’s time and dolla ,’’ opening shot ‘’ is not bad at all , yep good one that . :+1:

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All its gonna take is for the dev to add a hide rivals from all players except host easy

Although I agree, that this would be a good option, this topic is more than 3 years old.
If you want to revive the discussion, please start a new topic, maybe as feature request.

@Zesiir: I’m sure you want to close this one.

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