Rivals in the new November update are weird

Not only are most of them are in the Farmlands Region, but I found Rival clumps like this

Ya that’s right… 4 rivals in one patch of farm land… wtf


Spam the grenade launcher and hope for the best honestly is the only thing I can think of.

I’ve noticed this too, and its not just rivals, I’m seeing huge clusters of non rival tanks and harvesters too, these clusters before the november update would drop frames so badly. Seems they optimized the game to handle the huge clusters of robots which I kinda dont mind.

Actually I’m experiencing the opposite on PS4.
Just minor FPS drop post April update/pre nov update and now serious risk of severe to extreme FPS drop post nov update…
Btw I really enjoy those clusters of mechs, when not experiences those FPS drop :slight_smile:

hmmm I had this once but max 2…

Also, what is the max amount of rivals I can have ine ONE region?
I have like 8 or 9 in the Farmlands Region lmao

Per region, max is 8. However, rivals can cross region borders and walk into another region.

E.g i have 27 rivals in Farmlands at the current moment.

Screenshot (click here to view)

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woah, that’s a lot of rivals! Thanks for the info Aesyle!

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Mmm I would have loved to go against that group!

Would be interesting to see how many get damaged with the grenade launcher.

Similar story here. Including at least one APOC Rival from Himfjäll roaming my Forest Region.

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Maybe they can swim now, sir.
Or be “submarines”?

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had a whopping 3 tanks and harvesters like this once, plus all of the hunters with them.