Rivals movement

Hi all,
Just curious, after a rival has spawned on the map do they just stay at that location or do they wander around?
Mainly curious as we’ve had one on the map for about an hour and its still showing where it spawned in.


They wander, a lot.
Additionally, for leveling purposes, only XP in the rival’s home region counts. I have a rival wandering the starter island that was born in the farmlands or forest. Most of mine have wandered really far.

Edit: the map updates quite slowly. If you’re really curious, track them and go look.

I’ve had situations where a tank kept hogging a compound while I was near (and wanted to loot there or do a mission). When I left, and I mean as in “left the region” or at least went far away, the tank moved on as well.

Sweet, thanks guys. I was hoping they would roam around, I think ours had glitched out a bit. Even when we engaged the hunter he barely even moved aorund

My Rivals are shattered over the whole map… :smiley:

Some stay in their region and others seem to never look back where they belong to…

Every machine has their own patrol path that they follow. Those paths can be very long and cross into another region as well. That’s why rivals can wander off from their spawn region.