Rivals need personality and flair

Rivals are buffed but what if they had personality!?
Let me explain

What if they hunted you indirectly within a range of them.

Depending on machine type and level they would progressively addopt strang behaviors or tactics.
For example; keeping distance, charging at a moments notice, maybe a tank rival will lunge a short distance, a runner/hunter always taking the high ground or possibly running and gunning, harvester standing on hind legs for a grans slam, Harvester calling in reinforcements too land behind you, Dodging incoming fire instead of staggering, never standing still… machines light might not change color for trickery or mimick the sounds of other machines… I could see Apocalypse class rivals doing this😂

And then cosmetics, like battle damage or barbed wire wrapped around legs an hanging debris, parts of bushes, burns and draped cloth from tents.

Also unique sounds for effect

I want Rivals to be crazy, because its such a half hatched idea that much could be done with it.


Yes, that would be really cool. I was always against simple bullet sponges.

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I am glad you think so😆

ooh! me like!
That would make it seem like each rival was unique and had been through some tough battles.


Yes, Exactly!
It would give character to the machine, maybe even make it more fun to fight.

It only makes sense that a rival has markings to go with the “title” its taged with.

Like “RULER OF THE STONE SHIPS” what does this mean?! sounds intimidating, but it could have some physical markings as too why.

So what you are requesting is a more aggressive and smarter AI with small variations for more emersed gameplay regarding the Rival system?
So it is like a Arch Nemesis to the Player?

I love the idea


Yes exactly!

We have hunted hundreds of rivals in a grind for experimental weapons, but the fight is boring after a few tussles.

The big names scream something to be desired, but they do not deliver.

The upgraded health and possible damage is a weak change to becoming a “Rival”.

And I think many of us agree that they do not feel like “rivals” (youre rival) nore act like it. Upping the anti with unique weapons and unpredictable AI (harder AI) could bring exciting new challenge and battles. Cool skins for the machine rivals would give them Character, a more remarkable look.

If the Generation Zero team have the time and skills, it would be awesome too have an AI that learned your play style after every fight until you actually destroy your target.

A Rivals destruction starts it back at zero experience and until you destroy it, the longer you leave it the better it gets.

Wandering only helps it learn some things, but fighting a player teaches it combat tactics…basically giving rivals problem solving skills.

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But would it be good if perhaps the various rivals have new traits as well?

Example +30% Health - 15% Movement Speed
Or. +45% Damage - 5% Attack speed

Something like that so each iteration of rival has slightly different Stat buffs/debuffs

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I like this idea. Rivals need to have more character, and offer different challenges other than just being spongy.


I 100% agree. If each rival had random stat buffs per level, it would make things unpredictable. But I also would like some visual traits as well, dunno what it would look like, but I’m sure there is plenty of creative juices in the GZ team to make it happen.

Mind you a speed buffs would definitely be visible trait and so would an attack speed buff be.

I doubt tho it would be a small update tho :thinking:

I am honored to have you on board, best hopes for the future of Rival combat and the world of GZ!!!

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Visual differences… Like a cammo skin?
Like army forces use? Or perhaps something like extra wires, pipes, plates, lights?

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:+1: exactly this… Or maybe even “scars”

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Yes, notable and see-able differences with buffs for maximum dopamine overload

But would emersed feeling get damb really quickly? I mean humans are good at finding patterns so… wouldn’t it need multiple random generators to keep it unpredictable?

This could depending on file size seriously have an impact or am I wrong?

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