Rivals not spawning

as it says up top i can not get any rivals to spawn i know how to get rivals but not getting any sence november update please hele

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What levels are your regions? Sometimes rivals spawn only when regions reach level 10-12.

some of my levels are 20 plus

my lowers is 15 and my highest is 23

Ok sounds very odd. I believe someone else reported a similar problem, so hopefully it’s been noticed.

And here I thought max level was 20. :wink:

Just to ask, is your game crashing from time to time, especially after a fight (when a Rival would be supposed to spawn…) ?

yes it is its like a rival want to spawn but the chrashes

Same thing as many others experience then, me included.

As of the last patch, has anybody noticed a sharp decline in getting rivals to spawn yet again? Before the march patch they spawned all over the place it seemed. I cleared out all of my rivals about a week ago, and now it seems this old bug is back again, to some degree. I have plenty of regions with high score, but rivals are a rare sight these days.

Hey @OGDH :wave:

:information_source: Higher difficulties increase the spawn chance of rivals, which can be useful if you are trying to get exclusive loot like experimental weapons.


I play on skirmish difficulty and rivals spawn without any problem.

Excellent info, thank you! I had been playing on adventure mode the last few days so there’s the explanation for that.

Mind sharing ALL info in regards to what the actual differences between the modes are (like, actual numbers)? It would be most welcome! :+1: