RLG-7 ammunition and function

I was wondering if anyone knows if the developers plan on adding ammunition types for the RLG-7? I only say this because it has what appears to be at high explosive anti tank grenade warhead but it does not function like that at all and it would be absolutely amazing if it did have HEAT warheads.

this would be a welcome change but whether the devs add it or not is debatable.

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Is there any way to directly ask the dev?

not that I know of, the best way to get their attention is probably on here, next best on their discord.

I don’t believe that they will do any upgrades on the weapon packs, but I hope.

I think the rlg7 is ok, how it is. Well, it just has one ammo type, but it has a scope.

It’s a matter of balancing. Why should they just do the same as the granatgevär is, but with another model? :wink:

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honestly, the RLG-7 (5c) has the absolute highest damage in the game atm, literally a full bar so I think its ok as it is.


True enough but still I think it should have its own ammo types like HE, HEAT , Anti personal, etc . Just a little diversity and depth to it.