RNG & Loot Drops

Yes, everyone’s favorite topic. Looking for user experiences since the last update for Landfall.

I seem to be getting the exact same loot every time I kill a Rival or the Reaper. I have 5 Experimental AG4’s, 4 Kpist’s, 4 M/49’s. I get nothing else, ever. The only reason I have the Experimental Shotgun is someone was nice enough to give it to me yesterday for two M/49s. I get those 3 guns so often that if I can’t give them away I recycle them. Anyone else having this issue? I feel like I am stuck in a loop and can’t get out of it. Help!

Not to mention the ridiculous amount of 5 star duplicates I have… I appreciate any comments!

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Since I was destroying a lot of rivals for the resistance fighter clothing, I came across a lot of different weapons. From level 3, 4, 5, and 6 level stuff of a lot of different types. I recycled most of them but there was a great variety for me. I also was collecting more advance first aid kits than I was using but my adrenaline shots dropped faster than I was collecting. But I was also collecting the rarer resources like tungsten. It just sucked a lot of rivals had to be destroyed for 4 items of clothes that add nothing to the characters abilities.


Here’s a very rough guess of how many experimental weapons that have dropped to me from rivals and reapers, in the span of my playtime:

KVM 59: 10-15
PVG 90: 10-15
AG4: 8-10
Granatgevär M/49: 6-8
Pump Shotgun: 4-6
Klaucke: 4-6
Kpist: 3-5
Sledgehammer: 1

In my case, there are 2 or 3 different 5* weapons that never drop…

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I’d kill for a PVG 90 or KVM 59 Experimental right now.

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Lol, I just recycled several of both of them :sweat_smile:


Just some info for newcomers.
RNG is random

Sometimes i would only get apparel, other times i even got 2 PVG90 in a matter of 3 or less hours.
I lost count to the numbers of some of the weapons i got, because since October 2019 i destroyed more than 31.000 machines.
I will only post about my rarest findings, but only about experimental or level 5* weapons :

  • Brännboll Bat -1 time, very rare
  • Experimental Sledgehammer- 3
  • vanilla Sledgehammer- 2
  • Sjöqvist Semi-Auto -2 times since 2019 (one of the most hard to find)
  • Älgstudsare Hunting Rifle - 3 times
  • Kotenok- 4
  • RGL7- 1 time
  • N16- 2 times (really hard to get)
  • KVM89 - 1 (time very rare)

Regarding other weapons, i got dozens and dozens, some of them more than 40 or 50 times.

PS: I haven´t played much lately, only have the level 3* American DLC2 weapons: G79, S21 and COM10.

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Same here, stuck at Schematics 4c 5c often and 5c scopes etc. Weapons almost never 5c or 6c. I got EXP from other players except Glock that I got twice EXP in multiplayer.

Now suddenly during anniversary i get more 5c and experimantal clothing in a few days than previously in 350h. Got a 12G shotgun EXP and today SMG I M/46 EXP!

It seems strange to me that RNG can be turned up during an event.
Not complaining, having really fun right now!

I speculate that it have something to do with what GPU you are using, maximum graphics settings render high RNG and lower graphics settings render low RNG. Or it gets “capped” (as in bugged). Or it is server-side like this event implies…

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That’s an interesting thought. I may play with my settings today and see what happens. I have everything turned up to 11.

I downed another reaper last night and got yet another Kpist. We will see.

Remembered this question again. I recently upgraded my GPU and still have much more and higher value loot. Before anniversary with lower GPU the loot was much less valuable. During anniversary loot had lots of experimental clothings but also more high-value items. Now with better GPU and no anniversary I still get more high-value loot and experimental clothings then ever before during 2021.

More users should test (and screenshot) loot before and after upgrading GPU and use the same 31XP character for valid comparison.

Don’t you think that higher loot value is just the result of the devs tweaking the values? It seems strange that a different GPU would change the values. :coffee:


Now I feel this would be a very higly appreciated piece of information.


I’m not sure @Gysbert and only way for us users to find out is if more people test this way before and after GPU change.

My reasoning about GPU is playing COTW game a lot before going into GenZ game and they use the same engine (I think GenZ is one or two versions behind COTW).

Me and my friend had lots of problems with animals rating and spawn rate, and there has been some discussions on that topic in the COTW community just like it is here in GenZ community (non-disclosure from devs). My friend upgraded to a new GPU and had better results and we could compare using multiplayer before and after the GPU upgrade that really made a difference. Any player with a good GPU joining MP changes the stats.

I gifted Generation Zero to my friend and it seems to give the same results here as we had in COTW. Generation Zero is different in game mechanics and also have the option to dynamically adjust difficulty so it’s inconclusive to be sure it is one player GPU alone that boost loot in MP.

Before upgrading my PC GPU the Anniversary event started and then loot got better so there is no question that devs tweak settings, but does not explain previous experience with difference from PC to PC in Apex game engine.

One things that I could test was playing COTW again with better GPU in single player. I needed a break from bugged GenZ anyway. There is a software called “Population Scanner” that reads map files (the open stats, no cheating what so ever) that clearly showed that spawn of animals was ‘blocked’ (low) with often desolate areas and ratings of spawned animals generally lower than my friends animals. It was bad before, better now with better GPU.

And yes this could also mean that something finally was repaired in the game engine and thus repaired in both Generation Zero as well in COTW during last month or two. (Also COTW introduced AMD FidelityFX game setting a few months ago and don’t know if that lead to better performance for game engine to handle RNG better.)

I think my testing and comparison from user side is sound reasoning and can be multiplied by more users to verify or decrease probability of specific hardware issues at least on PC platform. I get the impression that Avalance testing is focused on consol where such hardware related issues are easily missed on a streamlined consol platforms. A port of “population scanner” to work with GenZ would better the odds to see differences in user experience if Avalanche devs would adopt that software as game testing tool.

Another way to test it quick is to change back to the old GPU (provided you still have it and it is still working), and see if the loot values drop again.

I don’t know if there is a benefit for the devs to lower the value when older GPUs are used, but it might be that the graphical load would be heavier with a higher value for loot. If that’s the case then maybe you have a point. I am not versed in those technical matters. To me the two events seemed totally unrelated, but stranger things have happened, so I’m by no means sure.

No I can’t test the old GPU. Most common suggested tests in the COTW discussions was to change Scene Complexity and if it didn’t work to release generated animals into the scene (which usually was the case) a workaround was to join multiplayer games (often worked). This is quite familiar issue here in Generation Zero too where some things can be made to spawn correctly by joining a multiplayer game.

But why do multiplayer even fix things?

GPU is my best theory, it makes sense. My experience from testing bugs in COTW (as user) are sometimes the same bugs with same solutions that I have provided here in the forum. How and why is for Avalanche to find out and they don’t award bughunting so I’ll never know anyway.

Better GPU. Things fixed. Moving on… :slight_smile:

Standard answer to the problem

Better answer to the problem

Join Multiplayer games or get better GPU