Robo kill of the day

Robo kill of the day

Is there any extra info that goes with your post that I have missed?

Is this a thread about the best kill by size, amount or style? I must say its very vague. If its the later you refer to, then i took down a drea class with a suicide propane tank method. :rofl:

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Yes and yes, very cool

Anything cool you can share with us or are you maby just looking for some recipies for some glorius kills and robot stew? :laughing:


A bit of both. I just started the game. So far a propane party is all ive succeded in :joy:

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Okay, now I understand what your post is about.

Well, if you are interested, I could give you my grandmothers recepy for Robospaghetti.

Ingredients needed: Multiple compressed air tanks (or gas tanks) and 1 Landmine.
Further more you’ll need a Harvester or a Tank (or a random group of runners/hunters)

Here is how to cook the meal:

You look for a Harvester or a Tank (I suggest you start with a Harvester.)
You figure out what it’s path is. Harvesters walk slow and mostly in straight lines
so if you encounter one you should be able to figure out where he is going to.

Now comes the important ingredient. Place a landmine right in the middle of his path.

Than the only thing to get this robospaghetti served ist to distribute a lot (alteast 4-5) of air/gas tanks in a circular pattern around the landmine. Compressed air tanks do more damage I believe, but gastanks will do just fine aswell. Don’t place them to near to the mine, but not to far neither. Like maybe 3 meters would be good.

Once you have this setup you run like hell and go sit on a elevated spot with your binoculars in hand. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the view.

And while we are at it, I might aswell give you her recepy for Robosoup aswell.

Ingredients are quite the same, although the meal preparation is a bit harder.

Look for a Tank (or a bunch of Hunters) that patrols near a huge Propane Gastank.
Not the once from your inventory but the fixed once in citys and harbours.

Place a few Air/gas tanks(like 4) directly next to (under) the propane tank.
Than use some more tanks, each about 2 M away from the previous one,
to create a small line(fuse if you like) that leads to the patrolling path of the Tank.
At the end of this “fuse” you place a landmine.

If you cook the soup right, the landmine will trigger your gas/airtank fuse wich will detonate the huge propane tank. Finding the right setting for this can be a bit difficult but you can always do the setup for my grandmothers Robosoup at any good location and than try to attract some Hunters to get them exactly where you want them to be. They don’t always follow you in a straight line, but with a little practice this should work. Just be sure to get out intime before the soup is served.

By the way: My grandmother also made little snacks, you know, the stuff that is ready quickly and really tasty to enjoy. One or two .50 Cal armor piercing bullets to such a huge massive propane tank in a town would do the trick.

Good luck and have lots of fun :+1::ok_hand:

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This is gold XD thank you

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