Robot Ai Improvement ideas

Robots are dangerous when you start but after you find their weaknesses they are no longer scary and you can just kill them so i have some improvements.

The main issue is they are kinda weak, even on hardest difficulty. Here is some ideas that could make them a little more challenging and interesting.

Runner- not much to change, meant to be weak simple enemy. The only change is that instead of stopping to shoot you it will try and run around in circle around you kinda so it’s harder to shoot. So instead of stopping it just opens fires and keeps running around.

Hunter- Hunters are probably the creepiest enemies, big gun, giant sword, creepy noises, but once you learn that if you take off the gun and wait for them to jump so you can shoot their back they are no longer any problem. Same thing to kill them over and over. So, when they go to shoot you, they stand there for a second before they attack, like the runner, they should run around and shoot at the same time, and immediately after shooting you, they should do their jump with sword. No delay, so while they jump with sword they are also reloading. Right after they hit the ground they should do their sword swipe, just in case your still close. Then right back to shooting you and running around. This will make them a bit harder to kill. Maybe they also run faster?

Tank- it’s very easy to defeat a tank. Hide behind rock, shoot, duck. Repeat until die. Sometimes the tank will try and go around but it’s not very effective. First, the tank should have two poison grenade gas launchers, one on each side. This forces you to constantly move around to find new places to dodge. The minigun and missile launcher should also be able to find at the same time. They both have a separate cooldown and they fire as soon as they are ready. Also when the tanks alerted to a player instead of running to the location to search for person they just look at where you are and walk away. they should also have some smaller weaker turrets like the lynx on their legs. If you are far enough away they should use their run if your spotted, like if you use a radio.

Wolf- the wolf is kinda weak. It needs more health, or maybe all wolves could have the healing ability. Without it they get destroyed. The lynx have probably killed more tanks than wolves.
Like the tank, they should be able to use all their weapons at the same time, firing as soon as it’s reloaded. Maybe they could also run up to tanks and use their legs to hit tanks, have them stomp at each other when their guns are broken. It should also try and move around more.

Harvester- with the hunter changes i suggested they would become far more difficult already but they should have a little turret on them thats harder to dodge than a barrage of easily dodgable missiles.

Maybe they could learn your tactics and adapt to you idk if thats possible but would make them harder.

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I could replay to each suggested change per machine, but my answers would all look the same.

So here I go:

The ideas themselves are ok, but they will not work for most players and most situations. There are reasons for the behavings of the machines… This way the player can learn their actions and find strategies to beat them.

For 1 on 1 battles it would be ok and challanging. But did you ever fight against a horde of, for example, 2 tanks, 3 harvesters, 20 hunters and an even amount of runners? With the suggested changes you won’t be able to survive just 10 seconds.

Just the changes on the hunters and runners, that they shoot while running around you instead of stopping and aiming/preparing to fire would make the game too difficult for console players.

The reason: on console you’re not completly free in aiming. The crosshair sticks a bit on the selected target. While runners are running around it’s almost impossible to aim right in front of them. The crosshair is always following them. I guess it’s thought as help for aiming with a gamepad.

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true, maybe there could be some difficulty above guerilla that has the robots extremely op for crazy people like me xd, but i do think that tanks should have gas rocket launchers. its too easy to just hide behind a rock.

Yes, with most tanks I agree, that they are pretty easy to beat in most situations.

A single tank in an area with some cover (rocks, houses or even just thick trees) can’t do much against a good armed player.
Only the military tank with his mortar or, depending on the surroundings, an apocalypse tank with his mines can force you to leave your cover.

Some shots from the pvg and there is no problem at all.

Therefore the tanks should never walk alone and in most cases there are runners or harvesters (with hunters) nearby.

Regarding tanks specifically, I think they should use their rush attack more often, and more random. That alone could be a significant improvment imho. Rush, followed by their AOE stomp attack. It’s one of the ‘scarier’ things in the game, seing those big baddies rush towards you.


I suggested this at another topic, too.
They shouldn’t wait until the weapon-components are destroyed, but start this rush attck more often and more randomly.