Robot Depot Missions idea?


Possible DLC idea, I have not played Alpine yet but I know you discover other survivors. What if in discovering survivors with your help you begin a Resistance. And with this Resistance you either venture out to another island or the main land, you and the Resistance discover that the robotics have developed Depots. Each of these facilities are strictly robot driven with different purposes such as weapons / ammo manufacturing, fuel, robotics, and perhaps prisons containing other survivors which would explain where the majority of the population went?

Each Depot facility could be guarded with current and new robotic variants, traps, sensors, spotlights. The main goal of these structures depends on the facility, manufacturing would mean to sabotage, destroy, or possibly stealing tech while prisons would simply require freeing survivors to add towards your resistance.

All facilities could be based on a difficulty tier 1-5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. Each tier of facility means bigger Depots, more robots, more security. Bigger threats, bigger rewards.

And based on how you play is how you can engage these facilities, slip in and out through the shadows with stealth to sabotage the facility. Or cause distractions through hacking robots as you toss grenades to destroy conveyor belts and storage as robotics step on land mines. Perhaps you prefer the direct approach and dismantle everything with weapon fire and take the tech with brute force.

The Resistance would have a Base of Operations that would benefit from the destruction of facilities through being supplied with ammo and weapons while freeing the survivors provides you with more helping hands and additional quests. But the Base would not be safe, frequently it could be attacked by counter measures from the robots and you must repel the incursions.

For those who Solo, there could be a single survivor you can take with you on your adventures with a customizable load out of a primary and secondary weapon, clothes and their own small skill tree Possibly a whole new skill tree for the Protagonist in regards to having a survivor with you or a player. Of course when it comes to that ally you must resupply them of ammo to use weapons, if they go down they either die or you revive with adrenaline, friendly fire.

I do not want a “carbon copy” and do not want to see this game follow FO4 or GR Wildlands, just simply a DLC that would further explain the events of the robotic 80s and to further engage the protagonist.

Please provide your Critique to the idea fellow humans.


Bringing in survivors was IMHO the stupidest ‘idea ever’ for a game as GZ.
The lack of NPC’s was just perfect…


Hey I’m not complaining about the empty human world, it gives GZ the vibe that you truly are alone. FO76 tried pulling it off but somewhere they just didn’t nail it.

What do you feel about the rest of the potential DLC idea?


I liked it, hence I pulled the NPC/survivor part out.
No ‘issues’ with the rest of it, I can surely see it.

Now, I kept my response very unusual for me small, this was due to folks dropping in when I was reacting.
It could be a nice add-on to the world, really…


I agree.

Imho, the way it was done in the DLC, didn’t contribute to anything, but rather took away from the immersion. Especially since the actual implementation of said npc’s were so dull and, to be blunt, crappy executed.

Should they ever introduce npc’s again, I hope they do it right this time. Again, I’d like the devs to look to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for inspiration.


That can cause some big issues since i have yet to see a game where AI driven ally would work like a charm (you just can’t replace player control with AI). Either the AI is clunky and is more of a hindrance than help (especially if you have to babysit him/her) or is way OP (better than player ever can be, e.g instant aggro, aimbot, wallhack etc).

Also, if he/she is there to help me, why i would need to go out of my way to resupply him/her? An ally who is dumb enough for not finding his/hers own gear is someone whom i don’t want with me. Do i need to teach him/her to shoot as well?

Enemies in GZ aren’t robots, they are machines. There is a big difference.

What kind of tech exactly and what would be the obtained tech’s purpose in GZ?

Btw, i don’t think that all survivors would instantly join resistance once freed. Few might but most are likely unfit for combat or just want to get out of the hot-zone.
Moreover, what makes you think that there are any survivors to be saved in the first place? So far, the machines tactics have been killing off the population, not taking prisoners.



I like your feedback, honestly I do not think having a fellow AI would work either. I shot the idea out there just because they already added humans which they shouldn’t have.

If the Devs implement crafting the tech could simply be resources for crafting. Don’t want to add items that could potentially ruin the game you know?

Of course if there are actually other survivors then not all of them would join but a select few, BUT if survivors are just exterminated entirely then that whole idea of prisons and survivors could just be clipped out.