Robot destruction should reflect more how its done


After robot is destroyed, loot shoot reflect how the robot got destroyed. Now they have all these nice weak spot modelled, but not much use for them. Just spots to cause maximum damage. Robots are now more like just different size monsters what need to be killed, no matter how its done.

Like going for weak spot, and blowing up runners fuel cell should always yield less loot. Explosion destroys most valuables.
Take out core drives and make more precise and tactical kill would save most of the loot. Ammo, parts etc.
If robot weapon gets blown off, no ammo recovered, etc.
Shoot hunter head away, no any kind of optics or scopes as loot, etc.
All robots can get their legs and motors shot to pieces, and still they walk/run round. Give them all a limp.


A system like this is already in effect. If you blow up a Seeker’s speakers, they won’t drop. If you damage a Hunter’s vision system, they won’t drop any vision modulator. I’m guessing, the reason ammo still drops even though you destroyed a Machine’s weapon is for convenience’s sake.


Well the ammo would in general be still lootable if you shoot the gun off i think. And definitly start limping or at least show impaired movement when you damage the legs.


Well i think they made it like that because if the robot dosnt drop ammo the fights wont be rewarding.


I haven’t much noticed. I can shoot like 20 seekers, and 1 of them will drop speaker. I can use shotgun, assault rifle, pistol and the rate stays about same. Even shooting 3-4 seekers just to their engines, none of them might not drop the comm lure device.
Friend which i play with, has full mechanic skills, and he pick ups those speakers like berries.

From Hunter i usually go weak spots both sides on their head, optics drop randomly. And some what rare. But you only need couple of them, then it comes useless loot.

Probably right with the ammo drop, you would be running out of ammo quite fast. And game mechanics currently how its meant to play, would be impossible without ammo.


Yeah loot from seekers for me is extremely rare or just not to be found in the game.


I rarely get anything off of them without the mechanic skill. I get lots with it.