Robots are too strong! Gas, poisoning

hello dear developers! I really love to play generation zero, I bought the game in pre-order. Everything was awesome, but over time, you started to improve robots in the wrong direction. Of course, they had to be improved, added lives. But now you made a normal game do not understand what. Ordinary dogs with poisoning for 5 bullets from the MACHINE destroy you. The poisoning mechanics are very silly and incredibly crazy. But these are still flowers. You try to destroy the tank, dying 20 times, you decide to go out and destroy it tomorrow. You come in, and he has 100% lives, you look at your cartridges, but they are not. How is it? You said that even if you come in a month later, the robot will be in the same condition as at the last meeting. It’s just real, you re-enter the game, everyone will respawn. This is maddening. Destroying a Tank is now too difficult. At close range, it will take you half of your lives with its gas in 3 seconds. At medium distance, where you trick, you dodge, it hits from a machine gun, although this was not the case before. Long range is only if you are a rat with a good sniper. In general. Please, remake All robots, especially the class “Apocalypse”, it is really impossible to play. And we urgently need to improve the intelligence of robots, they are stupid like traffic jams. Their intellect got stuck somewhere in 2005. Please rebalance all robots. It’s impossible to play. You’re making robots harder in the wrong direction. If the player really knows where to punch, then the robot should turn off with almost one hit. It is not possible to play at this time. There are no first-aid kits, until you destroy everyone an hour has passed, you do half of the work, you leave the game, tomorrow you come in and these robots “Apocalypse” are there again. And 5 of their hits - you will respawn again. I hope you saw my cry. I really want to play, but now it’s impossible. Poisoning, gas that is too strong. It either needs to be broken too much, or it should be removed. Thank you for attention)

A rat? Really…


I do not have an issue with the APOC class. Sure they are difficult. But I have no issue with them. They were heavily nerfed in June, before that they were aimbots. But now, they are just annoying. Have you tried turning the difficulty down? First aids are craftable now too. They should not be as much of an issue. The only thing slightly broken is the gas. The hitbox of damage needs to follow the visual cloud better.

Edit: I can agree the Intellect of the A.I could be better. But saying they are impossible is just not true. Meds are craftable. Exp’s are not as hard to get as they used to be. Also the ability to one shot any robot if you hit it in a certain place would make the game unbelievably easy.

If the game is too hard for you I have one thing to say.

Git gud


Exactly what @Lucid said, just git gud. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well if you apply a medkit you are immune for the next hits from apoc runners for a few seconds.

Well that’s how it was since the beginning. You either finish it or live with the reduced ammo inventory.

Really? I didn’t read that anywhere. Where did you get this information?

Well if it’s too difficult don’t attack it. Nobody says you have to attack everything that moves. I usually avoid a lot of conflicts and only tackle those where I have the feeling that I have something of an advantage.

Well, call me a rat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know how often I avoid fights with apoc machines but I engage them usually very rarely. And I’m always happy that I have a challenge to look forward to. If you fight everything easily the game becomes dull very fast.

Depends on the machine. Most times a direct hit at the energy cell of a runner destroys it. If you hit the jet of a seeker it usually goes down directly. But hunters and above are way too strong to be 1-hit-targets. But then you get more XP from them. I don’t want to hit a hunter with 1 bullet and get 160 XP for that. I rather take out a runner close to a radio beacon and then it takes the beacon with him when it explodes. This is way more satisfying, but then I’m a rat :stuck_out_tongue:

There I agree, the gas clouds of military hunters isn’t implemented very well. It doesn’t spread out and it penetrates walls and rocks instanstly. But well there is always the “run away”-key :wink:

All in all I wouldn’t see it that grim. Try to see it as a challenge, improve you playstyle, adapt and … well, what @Lucid said.

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If you want it easier, lower in-game difficulty level.

However, a wall of text, without spacing, containing insult towards other players and demands towards developers, is not the feedback which is welcome here.

Topic closed. :lock:

Next time, be more respectful with better text formatting.


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