Robots opening doors

The dog and bipeds (dont know names) now seem to open doors to houses.
Is it something new?
Im on xbox and havent played for very long time (black screen). I know they never did before. I used houses to hide but now cant do that.
Just wanted to know if it is part of game or bug?

Never come across that before maybe a bug, different though and interesting if a new feature

I don’t think I’ve seen them actually open a door but they do spawn inside builidings once in a while. I would consider it a bug…

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Yeah I’ve had hunters spawn in barns with me and safe houses, quite annoying as they jump on you

Yup, I had an apo hunter rival do that to me, and it definitely did not use conventional doors.

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This happens to me frequently too I’ve never actually seen them open a door but I’ve had ticks, hunters and runners all spawn into buildings with me when I use them for cover. Most of the time though they are glitched out and stuck in a wall, or simply just frozen in time and they stand there and take it. Lol

I’ve never seen machines go through doors except when using the ramp to the second floor double doors in barns when both are open. Runners frequently run to the door opening in churches or barns to do their impulse thing, but I don’t recall seeing any enter through the door. When I encounter machines on the first floor in barns or houses, I’m quite certain that they spawned in there.

Edit: Ticks enter through doors though.