Robots respawning on safehouses

It’d be great if I could close my game and know I won’t have to spend ammo or sprint my way out when the robots come back when I reopen my game. I was so surprised to open it this morning to be swarmed by 6 or so dogs, a hunter, and a drone, all of which I’d killed before.

Some of them respawn. It’s a good thing. If they didn’t we would run out of robots too fight.


In the beginning it can be frustrating. But later on when you get better weapons and more ammo it would be boring if they didn’t respawn. And not all respawn. And not every time you log in.

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This has been discussed before. My opinion on it is if the the robots can respawn then why not our ammo? It isnt any fun when robots respawn at will and you have no ammo to shoot them with…

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I’ve started a new character to play from the beginning with in solo. I pretend I haven’t discovered everything so I dont’t fast travel ahead to collect weapons and ammo. I’m on main Island now. And I’ve died more times doing the same part in mp the first time. And I’ve had enough ammo all the way. Not much but enough to take out everything I ran into. The first time I had to avoid a battle was when I ran into two military tanks at the same time. Didn’t have enough ammo for that.
But I understand that this time I had the advantage of knowing all weak spots. So I could make my bullets count. No shooting in panic as much as the first time. But a new Player will spend a lot more bullets to achieve the same kill. So they will probably run out sometimes. Just as I did the first time.

But this is just my opinion. I liked it that way the first time. If I play with my main now it’s just like an ordinary shoot em up. More or less. And I like that to.

Some safehouses are right in the thick of Machine patrols and spawn points and whatnot. If you want a sure bet, go for churches, lighthouses, barns with two floors, or bunkers. You’ll be safe when you spawn in most of the time. Though if you spot enemies just outside you can just relog and their spawns will have changed.