Robots should have finite amount of ammo


If the player has a finite amount of ammo then so should the robots. Putting the unrealistic that is inherent in almost all video games; circling a tank knowing that it can only fire 10 servos of rockets etc, is a more practical combat than it magically creating round after round. I think limiting the ammo creates a better experience and options for the robots to run (just like we do) to preserve its life. Even having ammo caches that they can head for and replenish.


Heyo, I’ve moved your post to Feedback/Future Requests forum. Others have suggested this feature as well, so I figure it belongs there.

Balance is a hard thing to get right, so let’s see what the future brings :slight_smile:


[ : I concur! : It even stated in one of the Mission-Logs that the military was engaged with the robots, the bots ran-out of ammo and: retreated into the woods. : So I think so, but not to limit them as to were the fights will be cake-walks. : I will have to say, haha, I been in ~two-hour-stand-offs with these robots and: I have never had so much fun creating strategies to take them all out. : And: you know what, it always works out even with the bots having unlimited-ammo. ]


I think this is a great idea. Having the ammo loot also based on this finite cache also creates a time-sensitive gameplay mechanic. The longer you take to fight the less potential loot you could receive.