Robots spawning underground

Honestly makes me very annoyed. This is a great game, and devs put a lot of work in this, but some of the bugs are game breaking and make me want to refund the game.
Now the issues I have been having on pc are flying robots spawning under the ground, I can hear the sound but cannot see them. This happened to me in mission to the light house (these are flying robots) which prevents me from completing it, which is frustrating. Happens in bunkers with ticks all the time and some points around the map(flying robots).

It seems there are definitely machines that spawn in places where they shouldn’t, I agree. I see this mostly with the ‘tick’ machines inside of houses

I encountered a hunter in one of the first bunkers, not sure if it was mean to be there or not. At least it got stuck up a corner so it was easy to kill.

Hunters seem to fall through the ground to get inside bunkers, I’ve encountered that as well

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