Robots vs flashlight


Thank you for an awsome game !!

I preordered this game and have played it since it got released. I have not played it 24/7, far from that. I want a game to last for a long time and have no need to finish it in 10-15 hrs of game time.
BTW, im on Xbox One X. Since start i have had mabey 10-15 crashes in total, tops.

Recently my few crashes have happened more often.

So I have two questions.

  1. Does the robots noticed if my flashlight is ON/OFF ? I have not noticed any differense.

  2. To avoid crashes does it help to reinstall the game and all DLC’s (vanity packs + Unrested) ?
    I have not tried that yet because if it does no differense i see no reason to do that. “You should not fix things thats not broken” I have learned that the hard way with other things.

I have searched for answare both here and with google but have not found any clear answare.

To the Dev’s: Keep up with the good work that you do !!


It`s a bit stupid, but the Robots do not notice the flashlight at all, i only understood that after 1 week,
I do not know about the crashes but i think it does not matter, i tried that on the Past (before the latest update).
What i know:

  1. The more enemies you kill bigger is the chance of the game crashing.
  2. The more time you play with no interruption bigger is the chance of the game crashing
  3. Sometimes the game crashes when looting enemies (either because of full inventory or unknown).
  4. For some people Rivals help to crash the game a lot.
  5. The oldest your save, the more problems are going to emerge.


Thats what i suspected.
Thkz for answare.


Only time I noticed anything towards flashlights is in bunkers, sometimes enemies become “yellow” when they “see” the light

Ticks mostly have reacted like this in the past, idunno if it´s from the flashligt or not tho… But I use my trusty 5* AG4 with a thermal sight to clear out bunkers. The runners and ticks donsen´t seam to notice me when using this tacticks.

Also I like the atmospher of pitch blackness outside of the scope xD But that is probably only me, a little horror can keep you on edge.