Rockband-Posters that are in the game

I currently started to look for all Posters that we encountered in the game. With names like: Heavy Flash, Splash Freek, Whiplash, Ash of the Flesh, Hardcore Overload, and Barb Rose. There might be more, but I don’t know more names.

The problem is that even though I’ve seen these posters hundreds of times, to just find just these six will take some time.

The Heavy Flash poster I found in Tärnboda Skans in the little cottage opposite of Övertärnafyren Light House at 3711, 112.

If you find one of the others, please post the coords here and a picture would be nice.


Pretty sure there’s a corresponding clothing item for most of the bands too.

I think I’ve got a Hardcore Overload jacket and Barb Rose t-shirt.

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Yes, that’s right, The Band-Tee t-shirts, and that’s why I’m looking for them. :coffee:

Splash Freek. I found one in Österhallan in house upstairs at 4931, -715 But I need to find a better spot to get better picture.

(Grey house with blasted front door (4 ticks inside), Coordinates -2825, 2747)

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Ha that’s good, I just found the Barb Rose in house in Yttervik in bedroom on ground floor at 4101, 2208.


Found Whiplash in the Sorken bunker safehouse room

Poster of Ash of the Flesh In Vesslan bunker safehouse room

It looks like every bunker safehouse room has a poster.

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