Rocket Launching Dogs (Runners) - Static corpse does not drop any loot / ammo

Ok you are using rocket launching dogs more and more in the game. That’s alright as it makes the game more difficult. But after you kill the dogs they have nothing in their inventory. If you can get to them within 20 to 30 seconds (our time) then you can find stuff but in most battles that is just impossible. I think if you don’t want to give us rockets then give us steel, titanium or even first aid kits will be ok. But nothing is just aggravating and feels like you are cheating.

I run a RTX 2080 super GPU: I7-8700K CPU: AUROS Z390 Elite Motherboard: I have 32 gig of DDR-3200 Ram. A DELL 32 inch Gaming monitor: Logitech G502 Hero Mouse: 32 GIG Optane memory: I TB on board hard drive plus a: CRUCIAL BX500 1 TB solid state backup drive

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Dogs are too “cheap” for dropping rockets left and right. Like, trade one-two bullets from hunting rifle and get pack of rockets? Game as of now is resource abundant, just stop blasting for five minutes and loot some boxes to get overencumbered with scrap and ammo again.


No, I get where he is coming from. Not all dogs are rocket dogs, and when you meet them they are a cow. When you finally kill them, after having given you so much trouble, they have nothing on them.

They should have “a rocket”. Rockets are often hard to find early game and it is really frustrating, when your level-one inventory is blocked by an 84mm for which you can find no rockets! In early parts of the map, rockets from loot boxes are almost unknown - you get them from tanks, but tanks early game are murder to kill and take all your ammunition.

He’s right - rocket dogs should give you a rocket…

They used to drop 1-2 GRG rounds. Then that stopped, so I think that’s indeed a bug.


I will check if the rocket-dogs indeed have nothing. See if I can find some. On PC.

The first one I encountered had High-explosive Dual Purpose Round.

Well you just have a friendly algorithm! Typical! :confounded:

The rest of us, it’s one rocket every twenty Rocket Dogs. All the rest are empty. Sometimes that’s the only way to spot a dead Rocket Dog.

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Could be worth upping the droprate, then.

I will take note how many empty rocket-runners I encounter, if any. And let you know.

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Hey guys, I’ve been informed from the devs that the Rocket Launcher Runners not dropping ammo as often as they should is indeed a bug. So the report made is valid :+1:

I’ve updated the topic title a bit to reflect the issue.

In that case, I’m apologizing if I was rude. I didn’t noticed thas it was a bug since I never bothered with tracking what and how many I gathered (hoard, then dump whatever currently unused into Plundra chest, sort out later). I thought it was “yet another one buff the player”.

Please keep in mind that a lot of the runners spawned by the reaper have very little of anything, if anything at all. But also note that seekers almost never have anything.


But also note that seekers almost never have anything.

I remember some time ago, destroying seeker by hitting thrusters gave us the alarm module in almost every single occasion.Now the 99% of them is empty or giving just some steel/emp.

UPDATE: Yesterday I got 3 lures of 4 seekers, my partner not a single one. I believe this is a direct proof that the loot algorithm is broken and is working like everything-or-nothing…

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I haven’t seen a rocket from a rocket dog for over a year. So Zesiir is right - it’s a bug. I think they all ought to. I mean, the drop rate isn’t bad from tanks and stuff - not nearly as dreadful as the RPG7. The only way I have enough ammunition for that is Ammo Boxes. Without that it would be worth carrying.

Perhaps we could have some Russian rocket dogs…

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PS 4. Played yesterday 19.11.21, destroyed more than 20 runners and didn’t get a single missile!

The seekers are a special breed - I’m still on April 2020, and they don’t drop anything. At least it seems that way until you notice that you need to kill them in your direct vicinity, and loot them immediately. If you shoot them within, say, 10 meters or so and make a mad dash for the loot, they usually drop steel, vision modules and lures. If you snipe them from further away, and if you take your time to get to them (likely because you’re getting shelled by their friends) they’re almost guaranteed to come up empty. At least that’s my observation.

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Interesting, need to check!

Hey ya’ll :wave:

As mentioned by Zesiir earlier, after seeing this report and looking closer we noticed an issue where the “static corpse” of the rocket launcher runners aren’t dropping any loot at all. The “ragdoll corpse” should however drop loot. (For performance reasons we switch out the ragdoll corpse for a static corpse after a while, typically after a set time when a player isn’t looking at the corpse OR when all players leave the area)

We have entered this issue into our internal bug tracking database and will fix it when time allows! (most likely we won’t have time to fix this for the next patch, but we should be able to sort it out for the patch after that)

Thanks for flagging this, much appreciated! :pray:


Thanks for the clarification! Hope it’ll be easy to solve so we can get more rockets soon.

Does that apply for the seekers then, too? Could it be that they get swapped even faster? I mostly noticed this behavior when holing up at Granhygget or similar locations where machines stream to en masse - getting loot out of the smaller enemies is a real challenge.

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Good catch @gzbugs! This is apparently an issue with all Seeker classes, so we’ll look into fixing those too, most likely around the same time as we fix the same issue with the “rocket launcher runners”.

Thanks for flagging, much appreciated! :pray: