Rockets not colliding with enemies or scenery

Xbox Series X

Often I’m finding that rockets pass entirely through enemies without colliding. Often they’ll pass through the map entirely without detonating.

Sometimes, the same is true for enemy rockets as well.

Steps To Reproduce:
Fire rockets often enough at enemies and I’m sure you’ll see it. In the video below it’s at Overby Airfield but I’ve seen it all over the Farmlands, North Coast and Forest regions.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:
Host. (But I’ve seen it as client too)

Players in your game:
1 (but I’ve seen it in multiplayer where the other player witnessed it)


I’ve had a lot of rounds from the Gustaf and RPG totally miss machines when I was aiming dead center on them, but I figured my aim was just a little off and those rounds were barely grazing past them.

Now I’m thinking all those missed rounds were probably just phasing straight through them like in that video.

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Same. I gave the game the benefit of the doubt initially, thinking maybe they’d just adjusted the hit-boxes. But it was happening far too often though hard to tell for sure at range.

But that last one. No denying that went straight through it.

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This occurs with the G79 as well, most of the time end up wasting quite a lot of shots due to the ghost bullets.


At first I saw this happening only in Hagaboda and thought that this is gnomes related, but after a while it spreaded to other areas.

I’ve had rockets go through the ground. No explosion.

Me too, both on this update and the previous one. :frowning:

A variation on this bug where rockets / grenades pass entirely through the landscape.

I used to only see this in and around Hagaboda or Östervik when the gnomes were nearby, now it happens all the time in the farmlands region.

More rockets not colliding with terrain/harvester/control point walls … and even bonus footage of fnix rockets that act like duds. These come form both the harvester (not caught on video) and the tank (skip to 2:20 and 3:27).

Platform: PC (Steam)

Description: Rockets not colliding/exploding

Steps To Reproduce: Seems to happen more at the control points than anywhere else

Images / Videos: Generation Zero 2022 07 10 23 34 57 01 - YouTube

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: one (self)

Cpu: Intel(R) Core™ i5-2310 CPU @ 2.90GHz
OsVersion: 10.0 Build: 19044
Memory Installed: 32GB
Memory Available: >25GB
VideoCard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
GpuDriverDate: 6-23-2022