Rolled back Save problems

When playing multiplayer, the game was saved on the farm, then I played alone.

Once I reached the first settlement with a bunker and left. And when the game started, it brought me back to the farm with a full rollback. I started from there and went to the main bunker, completed one task from the bunker, exited.,

Checked the save, everything worked. I didn’t play for a couple of days, I go in, and I’m back on the farm … The question is how can I play if there is a rollback every time …

English only on the forums or the mods delete it cuz idk

You should at least use google translator, if your english isn’t as good.

I took the liberty of translating :+1:

@Trigger13 Thanks for the report. What platform are you on, btw? Sounds like it may be an issue related to Steam cloud, or synchronozing saved games.


Sounds almost like my safehouse-problem on ps5, but he just started and had only the few discovered. At least the first command bunker should stay for him, if he discovers it.

I apologize, I didn’t know what to write in English…
I playng on PC

I have already passed the first bunker, opened 2 more. But after entering the main menu, the progress is preserved, and after going to the desktop, it is thrown back to the farm in front of the first town with a bunker.