Rpg owning any bunker

It would be cool if you could own any Bunker in the game. Then be able to furnish and decorate the bunker. Then be able to do side missions saving npc characters, and sending them to your bunker, to help upgrade the bunker. Also to have pets in the game would be cool. New to the game. Having lots of fun playing it.


That’s not the game for that stuff.

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YAY welcome to Gen zeee its so fun and awesome some bugs but thats expected but they work very hard on this game and its appreciated . Personally i love the game as is i would like some new areas to explore as i loooove exploring lol and maybe that small island by the broken bridge in Hmjifall but this will all come eventually Patience is a virtue . Have fun and enjoy

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For better or worse, GZ is not Fallout 4…

If you haven’t already, you can get your hands on your very own Runner companion, which works a little bit like F4’s Dogmeat. Just about as good/bad. So, that’s sort of like getting a pet.