Runner dog companion

Never thought about it but Madchaser?? suggested raising it as a feature. Apologies, it’s my first day on the forum and I was looking back at old threads. One, particularly caught my attention.
Companion competition; back in May.
How come no one thought of creating a runner bot freindly dog??
It could make a great mission:
A glitched/damaged runner: a circuit board fetch quest: a trusty and loyal companion on the solitary road to the truth!
I know it’s a bit ‘tropy’ but a runner that follows you about, looks blankly at you when you tell it it’s AI is worse than that of the first electronic calculator has to have some charm. Does’nt it? Or do I just need to get out more?

Make it really easy. Make it combat averse so every time theres a fracas it runs off. Oh, the irony. Tie it to alts that have the hacker perk.