Runner enters/exits through closed door in barn at farm

Hi, Started playing and progressed to S* Farm. Entered the barn and closed or checked every door, on ground level and in hay loft, to ensure they were closed. Proceeded to the downstairs and walked into to stable area with the small enclosures. As I was checking them I was attacked from behind by a runner. It was located in the hallway area between the open barn area and the stables. I returned fire and it jumped away. I investigated and found the blueish metal door in the hallway was still closed and the runner was gone. I went up to the second level and came back down and the runner was again in the hallway. Doesn’t seem like this should be happening. The doors are all closed they shouldn’t be able to get in.

Platform: PS4 Slim

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I’ve had the same issue, and not just there either. One of the houses I was looting on the way there spawned a hunter inside the foyer, even though the door leading out is still closed.

Found this behavior can happen pretty much anywhere. If the machines charge a door or wall to get to you they can partially appear on your side of the door or wall. Sometimes they can come all the way through! Had a crazy fight at the safe house near the naval base. Got trapped in the barn and ended up fighting 1 red runner, 7 green runners, 6 hunters and 1 scout. Blasted scout called everything in from the naval base I guess. Had hunters throwing themselves against the barn doors and coming about half way through and smacking me pretty good. Found out that you can take out a hunter by firing through the crack in the barn doors! I couldn’t open the doors they were big enough for the hunters and runners to walk right in. Had to fight through the door cracks!

Absolutely conform this clipping/entering multiple times for me also.

One hunter actually knocked me through a wall to the outside of a closed barn!

This makes being tactical impossible, especially for solo play. Frustrating.