Running down stairs reduces health

im not sure if this is a bug or is meant to be in game, running down stairs is proberbly a stupid thing to do in real life.

it seems our character when running down stairs is hitting the roof and losing HP because of it.
i dont think this is really a game breaking issue , but i thought it worth mentioning .

It does seem kind of silly :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting! Does this only happen in specific buildings, or everywhere with stairs? Bunkers, houses, barns, etc.

i have noticed it mostly in muskudden bunker , when travelling down stairs to lower levels, i would say it is has been mostly noticed in bunkers.

It happens on any long stair case, mostly in bunkers. It’s not hitting the roof. If you run into stairs going down, you basically fly over the edge of the stairs and take stupid amounts of fall damage when you land. The best way to avoid this is to engage the stairs without running, and then sprint down the stairs.

That said, the fall damage in this game is pretty extreme. Run over a bump in the ground and get about 10 cm of air, take 40% fall damage on landing. Not sure why they made it so high.


it is a fall dmg issue , not the stairs , as you see i run to the stairs and it is a fall. it is a little frustrating as its only a small fall , but i understand now. thankyou for help guys.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ve always thought their fall damage was a little too sensitive, and this helps show that as well. :slight_smile:

that’s why i asked how fall damage was determined during the last stream. sometimes jumping from higher places gives less damage then a short fall. i just put together a clip of taking fall damage from various heights. i was going to make a new topic but this one looks appropriate for it

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I recall Graham not knowing an answer for this on stream yea. Hopefully they look at this issue in the future!


not complaining about surviving those high jumps, some of them i planned on jumping, and using my survivor skill to keep going. it’s the small stumbles taking chunks away that bother me

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It appears that the the amount amount of damage you take is related to air time vs actual height. I believe that the air time is being calculated as height. So being airborne for X amount of time could be either from a vertical drop, or horizontal movement while not contacting the ground in a jump, going down stairs, stepping off a house porch, a bump in the landscape, etc.

Take a small fall while walking and you take little to no damage. Do the same small fall while running and your damage increases significantly. Once you get the perks that allow you to run faster, that increases the damage you take significantly because you get a lot more air time even though your actual altitude didn’t change.

I’m sure height is in that equation somewhere, but it seems to be a far lower determining factor than air time.

Experienced this today traveling to the minken bunker. I was traveling across the mountain terrain to get to the bunker entrance in the distance and noticed I kept getting damage while running along the mountain path. I wasn’t falling down the sides of the mountain or anything, but I was running along the path at the sides. And for every minor dip in my path, with me running over it, I took a pinch of damage. Can’t say if I have ever experienced this before or don’t know if this was a negative reaction to a current patch. But I’ve run over that mountain terrain several times and only take damage when I “fall off” the side of the mountain. But today I noticed I take damage just running along the mountain path.

Here is a clip of me taking damage just running around a mountain top… I was running along and jumped over a small dip in the ground and took alot of damage…!Auvz_S54E6gfgR_ueo6JXMO8glO_