Russian ball enemy

Hey so, is it normal for those russian ball enemy things to straight up disintegrate you with bullets in less than a second, im not exaggerating btw. I have like 45% bullet resistance and the 30% extra health perk as well.

If that’s normal, how is that justifiable balance wise? They spawn in groups of like 20 lmao

Maybe you just ran into a known bug that can occur while fighting soviet machines.

Just one topic as example:

the Rollie Pollies :rice: they cute aren’t they lol

Those rolling Soviet machines are called Lynx, and they were brought to Östertörn by the army of the Soviet Union, which was a communist state from 1922 to 1991. And they are, to me at least, one of the most fun enemies. They are very sneaky in the tall grasses of the Marshlands.

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Sometimes reminds me of “Moorhuhn” (Chicken Hunter - Wikipedia) when they roll from left to right and back in the distance between the grass, while I watch through my scope and take them out one after the other…

I like shooting there guns off and getting on top of a building, sitting there watching them confused :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and rolling around lol

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The X-PVG90 works wonders on these guys. Usually one shot is enough. I tend to carry one without a scope and use it for more close-range engagements like that.

I do that usually take them down one shot, but sometimes I like a challenge shooting off guns of machines first using the Messer Hunting Rifle with Heat ammo, I like testing my aim

it also works great during Base Defense Missions, if the Truck is low on health, kill all machines except 1, then shot ONLY the guns off the 1 machine and sit back while your Truck fills it health, the machine can’t shoot Truck without a gun

Base Defense Missions I meant 2 say

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I like using a scoped 44. Magnum with hollow points, i can kill them quickly, the problem is they sometimes just vomit a wall of bullets out that all but 1 taps me as well