Sudden rapid firing Lynx instantly downed me - Possibly unintentional

I flamethrower’d a Spetznaz Lynx. Last thing I knew, it suddenly rapid fired on me with like 0.05 seconds between each shots and I instantly got downed.

I am positive that the developers intended each shots as burst with like 0.2 seconds between. But seeing this Lynx suddenly doing an instant mag dump on me whenever I tried to flamethrower them, is suspicious.

It might be because they were staggered by the flamethrower flames?

[QUICK UPDATE] Okay, this is raising more questions here. I just fired upon at the same time frame on a firing Lynx with my N16 and they did the same insta-rapid shooting thing and got instantly downed (again). Maybe because I shot off their components and staggered them which causes the same rapid firing glitch again. That’s two instances now.

Sometimes even happens if you’re not shooting at them. It’s a bug since Landfall-Update.


the program system does messes up with the delay so it shoots alot because its constantly taking damage from other players and i hate it for being unfair.

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It sucks when they have a grenade launcher and rapid fire 15+ grenades in half a second


This is also an issue that has popped up with the Firebird too, In my opinion they should fix this as soon as possible.

I had this Too a few times, even though I’m quick to dash out of the way if I’m fired at.
But i can never dash away from this full-auto as i always go down near instantly when it happens… (and i have 20% Bullet Resistance)
The sound of the full-auto AI-76 fire even sounds different…
and Yes i have seen a salvo of around 10 grenades shot from a single Lynx too <.<;

For me it have only been occurring for the Spetsnaz Lynx.
But it’s also why i only use a E-PVG and “quick scope” against Lynx and always move or sprints when fighting any of them…

I have not noticed it with the Firebird Yet, At least those with machineguns are very easy to evade the shots of.
But I’d dread a Spetsnaz Firebird with a Havoc Auto-Cannon o.0

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Wait a second… So this phenomenon is not just Lynxs with an Autocannon? I thought they were just Spetznatz Lynx with the same minigun of the Wolf?

Or are you all discussing something else?

Its the bug where they shoot way too quick for a 3 round burst AK, which is almost impossible to dodge too.

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It just happen an instant once it occurs, with nearly no reaction time to spare against it.

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Have you used shock ammo?

Noticed behavior long time ago, when russian machines was introduced into game. Was not big deal, happened so rarely.
But now pay attention to this bug, noticed that shock ammo can cause this effect. This is just working theory, nothing rock solid. Exp LMG or use shock ammo on full auto weapons. You will receive rapid fire retalation from russian machine.

For me:
I didn’t use shock ammo or other experimental ammo most of the times it occured.
I used this ammo very rarely in total, most times just against reapers.

I experience this 90% with the Russian grenade launchers rarely with the MG using the experimental Kpist

The only reason this is the case, is because you are staggering them which is the cause. Ive had it a Meusser HR which gets no Shock, but i did stagger the Lynx. Same with the Firebird.

Noticed now ist not about weapon or ammunition you use. Happens all accross weapons i use, and just normal ammunition looted / crafted.

First picture is just normal salvo 3 grenades as it should be. Second picture is how suddenly after lynx has fired 2 first round, it goes to this burst mode and spam massive salvo to player.


happends to me to. also happened with a firebird. was not fun

Confim on that, firebirds go also rapid fire mode.

I have only seen that heat ammo firering firebird do that so far. Good is damage output on that firebird is quite low, even with guerilla difficulty.
So far havent seen that autocannon firebird go to rapid fire mode, that would be instant death like that grenade salvo or burst fire lynx gun.

Confirmed, firebirds all types will go rapid fire. It only affect the machine gun they use. So autocannon firebird(s) wont go grazy salvo mode like Lynx do with grenade launchers.

I noticed this today as well, the Lynx would suddenly unleash a long salvo with it’s machinegun, seemingly at random. The ones armed with grenade launchers also did it, launching a volley of what looked like 10 grenades instead of the usual three.

This definitely needs looking at, I doubt it was intended.

it seems to be triggered by enemies starting to move while firing. can happend with the firebirds as well

I just read about a bug in destiny 2, where some turrets sometimes to the same.
It’s because their shooting somehow is bound to the fps. The better your system, the faster they shoot.

I don’t know how it is for Generation Zero, but I feel that there is no locked framerate. Sometimes it’s higher, sometimes it drops.
If it’s constantly changing (depending on how much action is going on the display) it could explain why sometimes soviet machines spill out the bullets rapidly.

In my experience this has nothing to do with framerate, I think it has something to do with enemies being stuck in a shooting state somehow either due to enemy (player) detection or stun/stagger.

I got a firebird to do the autofire thing pretty consistently by staggering them while shooting, for the firebird I hit them with an RPG-7 to induce stagger while they were firing, it seems to extend it when they do the “flinch” animation when losing one of their four drives and are firing at the same time, for the lynx I am pretty sure it’s a state switch thing, I am running a very low vis build and am getting zapped with ultra-firerate quite often. Might be possible to debug this if you switch off AI while an enemy is firing. There’s also the ultra-accuracy bug when an enemy is firing super far away, e.g. when a harvey is not seeing you and fires at your last known position sometimes. Idk if both of these bugs are related in a way.