Russian machines don't let themselves be plundered in Hagaboda on the first try

I noticed today that the small Russian machines can’t be looted as usual in Hagaboda, if they are destroyed and you want to loot them then some people only make the second attempt, the prompt to press E comes up, but the inventory of the machine does not open.
It’s only when you’ve been to another machine and go back that it also works on the one before it, so far it’s only happened to me in Hagaboda.
This is repeated several times with 3 out of 5 machines you have to start a 2nd one to loot them.

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It’s messed up by the gnomes :crazy_face:

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I’ve had an issue I’ve also experienced in hagaboda, where Lynx have the loot icon pop up when I haven’t killed them yet.
Haven’t been able to click it to see what happens since they tend to move around frequently

@0L0 is Correct, there is Gnomes in this Area
the once that where known to hang out in Østervik

if you really want to know what’s up with the Lynx’s
Bring a friend and have them picking up things


I don’t think it’s the gnomes because the impossible looting of the Russian machines continued in the farmland region

Yes, I did notice this yesterday, alongside some inaccessible loot containers, and one plundra.

I’m not sure if it’s a related issue, but my entire Ui just vanished, which also led to me not being able to loot anything.
Could be unrelated, I’m not sure20220625_093224|375x500

Hagaboda is completely buggy. Soviet machines can’t always be looted, some chests too. The access doors to the safe house could not open. Some items (Radio, Dwarf) could not be picked up. I had to reload an old save several times to work around the bugs. Also note that the weapon counter for the capture of the AI76 still displays O in the Soviet camp but 1 in Hagaboda! When will this game become Clean? Stop adding new content that generates new bugs!
PS: I play on PC.

The reason behind stuff not being collectible is because of gnome ticks that spawn in houses on the floor.

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Try to reduce fnix bases in farmlands and forest region, that should help a lot.
If something seems to be bugged (backpacks frequently changing colors, cars don’t explode, doors can’t be opened, containers can’t be looted) then gnomes, as “bug-indicator”, are around.

The only positive thing about them is, that they have good loot, like the unique gnome-pods (and tick-pods even for those, who don’t have the skill to scavenge them) and gnome-masks.