Russian Nesting Dolls Lore (SPOILERS)

Yeah I just found it in my logs… according to the log that’s bottle #07

Pretty sure Tatiana is a she.

And you are right. She’s also the one who writes “the journal of a Soviet soldier” found in the mission “One Last Excursion”. There she reveals that the talking machine’s name is FNIX.

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The a at the end of Tereshkova would indicate female gender so use she. Nice summary though.

What about a massive fuel-air (thermobaric, moab) type bomb? Easily a kilometre radius and no fallout. The radioactive stuff in the crater is likelyy from radioactive materials stored on the site.

Maybe they have modded one of the firebirds which was intended to crash from high above on the enemies instead of fighting the like normal firebirds

Very old topic…
Firebirds came later.
The answer is in the lore of the nesting dolls.
It was a nuclear warhead, even if just a small one.

I’ve been trying to determine where in the world the setting for Generation Zero actually is. While all of the lore seems to suggest Gotland, Generation Zero is actually modeled after the Aland Islands. The reality of Ukraine and FPV drones armed with artillery shells and anti-tank grenades like the Firebird mines means that Generation Zero is quite accurate in terms of infantry where all crewed vehicles have been destroyed. Without armor protection, all infantry are essentially naked and the front lines are essentially static save for the relentless scorched earth shelling. There wouldn’t be much of a game to play if every enemy was a Firebird