Russian Weapon DLC Release Date

Apologies if I’ve missed this somewhere, but I’ve not seen it clearly stated (and I haven’t watched any streams for weeks) but is the Xbox version of the weapons DLC affected by the Resistance Update delay?

I get that they’re two separate things, one paid and one free, but although they have stated the Resistance Update is delayed for Xbox players does this mean that they have to wait for the weapon DLC too?

I’m sure I heard somewhere that they would be released on the same day. I may be wrong, though… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here’s what we know:

Well, it’s not too far off from when we initially wanted to release it into the wild. We managed to secure the release for both Steam and Playstation for May 4th.

Now for something even more exciting! Not only will the Resistance Update be available in May, it will also be accompanied by a brand new DLC that will bring you some sought after weapons from the East - the Soviet Weapons Pack!

Source: Letter from the Team - April 23rd | Generation Zero

I’d lean towards: Yes.

When it comes to DLCs, GZ doesn’t have much data in that regard. What has released so far:

  • Alpine Unrest DLC with November '19 update
  • FNIX Rising DLC with June '20 update (PC), August '20 update (Xbox), November '20 update (PS4)
  • December '20 update for “preparing the game to enable the new DLC” with U.S weapons DLC releasing 8 days after the update

From the notes above, we can read that the DLC comes with the update, not that the update is there to “prepare game for the DLC”.