S21 Damage *Decreases* at 5 crown

As title states. S21 5 crown variant has decreased damage and an increased handling stat compared to 4 and even 3 star rifles. So, is this a GUI Bug that is just showing wrong info, or is the 5 crown S21 seriously doing less damage than the 3 crown version. Attached is a screenshot that show the 5 and 4 star variants. I don’t currently have a 3 star in my inventory to screencap, but I have picked many up that also state they deal more damage than the 5 crown in the info panel.


Huh, good call. Have you tried to find out of there’s any difference or if it’s indeed just a GUI thing? :thinking:

I’ve wondered myself if it’s just a GUI issue or if its actually doing less damage. I’ve yet to do anything “scientific” to see if it’s actually doing less damage than lower tier versions, but it’s definitely something on my to-do list. For the moment though I’ve reverted back to the 4 crown version.

This is more than likely just a UI bug, similar to what happened with the Flamethrowers 5c when it first got introduced stating it did less dmaage than the 1c variant.

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Hold the fricc up
It goes B A C K W A R D S ? ? ?

Actually, I only have a 4* Kotenok, but I have a 5* S-21.
I also noticed that my 4* Kotenok has higher damage than my 5* S-21.
So I would bet this “problem” counts for the Kotenok as well… :thinking: