Safe House with no way to unlock

Safe house (inside a jet hangar) located at approx. 220, -1400 is locked with a scanner, but no associated items, missions, or drops to allow access.

I managed to get there accidentally by crashing into the wall on a bike and glitching out of bounds. There’s nothing special inside

This has already been reported numerous times, please use the forum search function instead of making a new thread.

I apologize, I used the search phrase “locked hangar” and nothing showed up in the bug report forums. A post you made showed up in general forums, but not bug reports. If you prefer to move your post to the correct forum, I can delete mine if that’s the issue. Otherwise, I assumed it would be useful to have a bug report in the actual bug report forum.

No problem, it’s been reported many times in the past (including by myself as you saw) and it’s uncertain if this is an actual bug, or if it’s simply an area we can’t access yet. I’d love to see some clarification on the matter but the devs like it when we keep guessing.