Safe Houses and Challenges Wiped

Upon creating a new character, all Safe Houses were wiped off my map and most of the Challenges progress was wiped out too. This affected all my characters. Thank goodness I had a backup and so after restoring I only lost 2 or 3 hours of progress.

Platform: PC, Steam

Description: See above

Steps To Reproduce: Create a new character, be warned, have a backup of your save!

Images / Videos: I can create one if needed.

Host or Client: Host, single player

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Win 11 21H2, i9-9900k, RTX 3090, 16GB DDR4 @ 3600Mhz, Samsung 970 Pro


Almost the same here. Created a new char yesterday. All challenges except Truth gone. I get pop-ups and xp for all “new” locations I visit (again), regardless of which char I play as.

Edit: Collectables are back. I can find them ‘in the wild’ although they are marked as found in Log->Collectables and on map icons. Also; I have not lost my Safe Houses.

Platform: PC, Steam
Single player, 1 player in game.


Also here:




Lost all challenge progress on everything except TRUTH, i was close to completing the last steps on the resistance challenges and apoc harvester kills so to lose all progress when the last steps require a lot of kills is very disheartening…

Steps To Reproduce:

Make a second character

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I don’t mean to cross issues/threads here, but after the recent press release about the Base Assault issues, I’m wondering if this problem is related. The post mentions the following:

“…can cause the game to potentially be saved in an incorrect state.”

Reference: News from the Team - April 22nd | Generation Zero

My point of curiosity is this: Is everyone that has the new character issue also experiencing the Base Assault issue, and vice versa?

My game is suffering from both issues.

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I have also the same issue with challanges by creation a new character…
Please fix it ASAP!

Just a crazy idea… Maybe this problem is like some others too… I had several times the feeling that the devs wanted to integrate something new but stoped it while work in progress because they had not enough time to finish it… But they forgot to remove the already done steps.

Maybe this problem is related to first steps trying to integrate a seperated progress for each character? We’ll see, what’s coming, but the problem should be fixed, of course.

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Now that you mention it, that would make sense. There was a section in the tutorials for FNIX Control Points since, what, Landfall? But of course they weren’t added until Base Assault.

So maybe in the future, they’re planning on giving all your characters separate progression for challenges, locations, etc. But currently, somehow, that’s causing making another character to wipe all your challenges and safehouses. Very interesting.

Just a question, about these wiped safehouses. When some are wiped, is the tally in the stats also less than what you had? (102 if maxed out)

I’m not sure, but I think I checked it and it showed indeed 102 the last time.

Stats, challenges, trophies and so on haven’t been changed through that.

Challenges still being wiped when playing new character!
X Box Series X.